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Important Christian Things
Love IS action

It's too bad most people, including Christians, know how to define the word "love," but do not know HOW to apply it.

Love is what will get the Kingdom of God populated.

Important Christian Things
One word:


(as in the verb form)

The entire bible includes many examples showing 'how to love.' Unfortunately love has practically evaporated from the world.

Mother Of Abominations
All prophesies concerning the end days were descriptions based upon the knowledge of the prophets at that time.

For instance Revelation 9:7-10 could be a description of a helicopter and what it does.

The descriptions of what the prophesy itself DOES will make more sense to you, but only afterwards.

Mother Of Abominations
A few items the Catholic/Orthodox believe against true christianity

1. Statues, icons, iconostasis, symbols, and pictures of which members kiss the feet of the statues and pray to them. (this includes the cross).
2. Pray repeated prayers.
3. Mary, the Mother of God.
4. "Churches" made with the hands of man which included art and architecture.
5. Purgatory or temporary judgement.
6. Eighty-five percent of all income go to the maintenance of buildings, fixed assets, and paper assets (stocks, bonds, insurance, etc.)

Billy Graham Used By God
Nicole wrote: "Okay explain God Saving someone who HASN'T repented?"

Christians today are making the same mistake the Hebrews made when God chose them to spread His word throughout the world. They didn't, thinking it was only for them.

Christians today are making the same mistake - thinking that everlasting life belongs only to them. Remember, there are two resurrections - one for the christians only and the other resurrections for all others who will be judged from the book of life according to their works - some to everlasting death and some to everlasting life.

Blessed are those that rise in the first resurrection.

Release The Last Penny
Each denominational "church" has their own rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible in which they teach their members "their" interpretations. The catholic church has the catechism, the mormons have the book of mormon, etc. Although every denomination claims they teach from the King James bible, they actually teach their own interpretation.

Every denomination makes christian living very complex and complicated, especially in today's world, when, in reality, it's very simple: LOVE (as in the verb form) and the bible is full of examples.

Love has practically evaporated from the world.

Billy Graham Used By God
"...the thief by THE LORD'S side was not baptized and went to Heaven that very same day when he died..."

No one is in heaven - not even to this day. Where was Jesus that same day and two days after?

As for "the sinner's prayer." This prayer is memorized from the mind, not the heart - just as the Lord's prayer. It is written not to repeat prayers in vain like the heathen do.

Are Christians Gullible
The NT is nothing more than a couple of journals accounts and several letters about a man called Jesus. Tens of thousands of journals and letters can be found that could filled a small library - many of these journals and letters can be found in three large libraries - two in eastern europe and one in egypt. Also, the romans were very meticulous in keeping records which can be found in rome including the court appearances of a man who today is called Jesus.

5G IoT Harms Christians
So, how do you explain the explicit prophesy of the "great falling away from the faith?" One must have faith to begin with in order to fall away.

5G IoT Harms Christians
Besides, if we, as watchman or watchwoman, can save one person from falling away from the faith that would cover many of our own personal sins.

5G IoT Harms Christians
Melody, It's easier said (in this case, written) than done. "Christians" (both weak and non-christian "christians") will blame God for not healing whatever sickness they have - even after much prayer. Christians are taking the same road and the Hebrews. It would be nice if all christians were like Job.

How To Speak In Tongues
Satan has had over two thousand years to divide christiandom up into over seventy-five thousand different denominations - each having their own rituals, traditions, ways of living, and interpretations of the bible.

Is Christ divided? 1 Corinthians 1

5G IoT Harms Christians
Melody wrote: "... [radiation] might affect the body, nerves, mind, but in relation with 'the falling away from the faith? - can't be:..."

Put on your thinking cap, think outside of the box.

Allow me to open your eyes to one truth: "christians" will blame God for not healing a sickness after much praying and when the sickness get worse, as 5G undoubtedly will do, "christians will turn their backs on God.

Mother Of Abominations

Prove Samuel wrong using YOUR citations.

How To Speak In Tongues
God gave some, apostles, and some, prophets, and some, evangelists, and some, pastors and teachers, For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:..

As for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: God gives these gifts to each person, just as he decides. You may not speak in tongues today or tomorrow, but sometime in the future God may decide that you should speak in tongues for a particular purpose to bring glory to Him.

Read 1 Corinthians 12 and 13 slowly.

5G IoT Harms Christians
The Watchman's duty.
Ezekiel 33:1-11

Finish It Here August 2018
One does not know the mind of God, only through scripture and the teaching of the Holy Spirit. "Christians" today seem to judge who lives and who dies.

There are two resurrections:

When Jesus returns at the beginning of his thousand year reign, he will call for his own, the dead in Christ shall rise and the living shall be caught up with them.

The second resurrection at the end of the thousand year reign of Christ all the other dead from all of history rise and be judged from the book of life according to their works - some to everlasting death and some to everlasting life. Revelation 20

So, where do you suppose these non-christians will live?

Blessed are those that rise in the first resurrection.

Mother Of Abominations
Nicole wrote: "...if the comment doesn't pertain to you then don't worry about it."

That is a very poor and unchristian attitude.

When several people get together, such as this blog, to discuss a certain topic then ALL are participants even if a comment to directed toward another person.

Nicole wrote: "You all make up stuff without citations."

Too lazy to do your own research to know the truth? Even if citations were given, you would still debate it. It's happened to me quite a few times in the past - and they still didn't believe me or the citations. So, now I tell people to do their own research.

Finish It Here August 2018
Why make knowing God's purpose so complicated?

All God wants are people who have a good, loving heart to populated his kingdom.

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