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All Electricity Turned Off
Losing phones, TVs, internet, personal computers, etc. will be an inconvenience, but people would be able to live without them (after all, we were able to deal without them 50 years ago). MUCH more problematic would be loss of refrigeration, which would make food distribution to cities very difficult, and loss of air conditioning, which would make life in hostile areas like deserts almost impossible. The same would also apply to water pumping stations, as major areas would be inhospitable without pumped in water.

Trump Kim Prayer

You wrote: Rule 5: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

Isn't that EXACTLY what Haz27 has been doing in almost every single post? Calling everyone on the left almost every name in the book? Doesn't that make him a radical?

This is exactly how people avoid having to confront truth - rather than examining and dealing with actual facts, they resort to name-calling, as little children do, thinking that this somehow gives their point some measure of legitimacy.

Forced Union Dues To Work
Many states have "right to work" laws, which allow workers to work at any job without requiring union representation. However, far from this noble purpose, such laws usually have two very bad effects:

1. Unions were created to prevent unscrupulous employers from creating bad "take or leave it" jobs that individual workers were powerless to refuse. By letting workers bypass unions, this weakens unions, and re-enables the same robber-baron dynamic.

2. Employers can now fire anyone at any time for any reason. Far from being "right to work" laws, these are "right to fire" laws.

These laws pretend to benefit workers, but instead, primarily benefit unscrupulous employers.

Keep Your Children Home

Yes, the NRA DID do something to him:

1. NRA pours MILLIONS into politicians' campaigns.

2. Those politicians consistently vote against tighter gun registration laws and assault weapon bans, DESPITE 2/3 of THEIR VOTERS wanting such laws - because NRA doesn't want them.

3. So NRA is directly responsible for laws that put students in danger.

But despite all this, NOTHING warrants being "accidentally" killed by police because of a false police report.

Hogg and his friends were VICTIMS. They were SHOT AT and some of their friends were KILLED. Yet the right paints THEM as villains because they consider the 2nd amendment more sacrosanct than human life (at least, life after live birth).

Trump Kim Prayer

Your last message just proves NurseRobert's and my point. Your last message was 100% screaming at the Left, using your constant ad-hominem buzzwords like "brainwashed hate mongering Marxist Left", "megaphones of society", "controls public debate", "oppressive PC tyranny", "deceitfully abusing", "Leftist masters", "trumps reality".

You didn't in any way address the topic being discussed. You didn't in any way address what anyone here has actually said. All you did was rant at the left, as you always do.

You speak of megaphones, yet your comments are themselves nothing but one huge megaphone, as you're speaking to the world, but not to anyone here.

Keep Your Children Home

You wrote: What! I didn't know the kid UNTIL he started trying to TAKE AWAY my 2nd amendment RIGHT!

You're assuming that just because he doesn't want to be killed at school, that automatically means he's perfectly willing to file false police reports (a crime)?

HE didn't throw the first punch. The guy who MURDERED HIS FRIENDS did. And the punch he's throwing is lobbying for public opinion, NOT committing crimes!

We don't automatically accuse people of crimes without specific evidence, and there's no evidence HE faked this, other than paranoid presumptions of people who think others will stoop to anything to get their way. Would you want others to assume that of YOU? I suspect not.

Trump Kim Prayer

I was referring specifically to Haz27, rather than you. For all our disagreements, you and I do often agree on things. Sadly, I can't say the same for Haz27.

You generalize with "you all on the left". Am I so mean? Do I call people names? (If not, you should not speak to me and say the words "you all"). Yet Haz27 (obviously NOT on the left) does it all the time. Instead of addressing issues, he frequently just resorts to calling us all brainwashed, mind-controlled puppets, etc.

Trump Kim Prayer

You're right. However, I tend to be somewhat long-suffering, and it takes me a long time before I totally write someone off as completely irredeemable. Also, everything people like that say are visible to third parties, and frequently, their arguments need to be refuted, if not for their sake (since they never listen), then at least for the sake of other silent parties who may be paying attention.


I saw a meme saying that with Trump saying he HAS to separate kids because we won't give him his wall, he as now entered the "I have to hit the kids because you won't do what I say" abusive dad phase of his presidency.

Trump Kim Prayer

That's rich, considering the considerable "hate and bitterness" you demonstrate towards the left in almost every single post.

The Left's Trumpophobia has really driven Leftists into a rabidly delusional state.

How is that unlike the Right's 8 years of constant Obamaphobia?

Meanwhile. just this week, both Trump and Sessions are doubling down on why it's NECESSARY to separate immigrant children from their parents, blaming the Democrats - on a policy Sessions HIMSELF instituted. So much for all the Biblical exhortations to not vex strangers

Keep Your Children Home

Regardless of whether or not ANTIFI are pro-or anti fascist is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the fact that they are not the same as the people who are opposed to the NRA. There are many people who are anti-NRA and also anti-ANTIFA.

Trump Kim Prayer

In your last message, you take a few issues NurseRobert has supported, and from that, you (incorrectly) link him with all the baggage on the extreme left, much of which I am sure he does not support. You have done this to me on many occasions as well. Meanwhile, when someone supports Trump's effectiveness, you also denounce any attempt to link him to all the loathsome things he has done.

Your linking the good and bad on the left, while simultaneously denouncing those who link the good and bad on the right, is pure hypocrisy.

Keep Your Children Home

You wrote: Hogg reaction to the incident his only response was 'silly flank'. REALLY?

Where did you see this? When I google "silly flank", I find only one reference on the entire internet, and it isn't from Hogg. It isn't a typo because you typed the words 5 times.

As you said, calls can be traced, so if Hogg was behind it, why wasn't he arrested?

His proves he is able to rise above it and not bow to threats. Why do you automatically assume the worst about the character and motives of anyone who disagrees with you politically? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Do you want everyone else to automatically assume you're a criminal too without proof?

70 Week Prophesy Of Daniel

Chernobyl is not still operating.
Reactor 4 melted down in April 1986.
Reactor 2 was taken offline after a fire in Oct. 1991 damaged it beyond repair.
Reactor 1 was decomissioned in Nov. 1996 in a deal between Ukraine and organizations.
Reactor 3 was shut down in Dec. 2000.


At the company where I worked in 2000, one technician there was a Russian who had been in the Russian Army. He was with the group that was called in after the meltdown to secure the area, and to keep people and looters out.

The radiation leak from that meltdown left the surrounding area (around 1000 square miles) unsafe for habitation for a long time. Check the Wikipedia article on Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Prayer For Reconcilation

You wrote: Portugal, Russia, Poland, Hungry and other Countries in East Europe.

Russia, Hungary, and other (communist) countries in Eastern Europe wouldn't have had prayer in school under communism, at least not until the fall of the Iron Curtain, but since the results were the same both before and after prayer in schools, it makes it difficult to understand how prayer in schools could have been a factor.

The triggers for mass shootings aren't lack of prayer, but hopelessness. There have also been incidents in the past where prayer was allowed (and even mandated) but it wasn't working, and people had no hope, so they said "ENOUGH!". The French Revolution was a perfect example of this.

Keep Your Children Home

Republicans keep asserting that without evidence, that would make it easy to decertify CA election results but that hasn't happened. Just whining like that about aboutHillary - slanderous accusations without proof, and no legal action.

There are some ineligible people in many states on voter LISTS - because people aren't always removed when they move or die, but very few ACTUALLY vote. Some Republicans who whined loudest about illegal voters were themselves arrested for having voted twice.

For the third time, *I* am not claiming ANYONE wants to kill Pruitt.

EPA lovers and Antifa are NOT interchangeable. EPA lovers love the environment. Antifa hates fascists. Two TOTALLY different things.

Prayer For Reconcilation

Correlation doesn't imply causation. You can't infer that legalized abortion is responsible for mass school shootings just because one happened after the other, because one can make similar false cause-and-effect conclusions that are just as dubious.

School shootings are Nixon's fault, because they all happened after Nixon was elected?
Water is a poison, because everyone who drinks water eventually dies?
Piracy keeps the earth cool, because global warming has happened only since the decline of piracy (etc. etc.)?

Denmark has legal abortions. No school shootings. Japan has no prayer in schools. No school shootings.

Trump Kim Prayer

You wrote: Okay, but they don't make an ornaments of the loathsome people.

Which has a bigger visibility? A 3" ornament of Mao that is seen briefly, or Hitler on the front page of Time as Man of the Year 1938?

Kim Jong Un has ACTUALLY EXECUTED over 350 people in 8 years, but Trump thinks his people love him, and you have no problem swallowing that camel while choking one Christmas ornament.

And don't make "would be" straw arguments and blame us for them. Blame us for what we ACTUALLY say and do.

Why are you so OBSESSED about this one ornament, as much as you were OBSESSED about the word "Roman"?

Keep Your Children Home

1. MORE than half of the voters in the 2016 election voted for Hillary than voted for Trump. What does that say to you?

3. You said "Right have jobs while left live in parents' basements? You just insulted half of all Americans." You said "left", not "Antifa". If you meant "Antifa", you should have said so.

2+4. How do you know who is "trying to kill Pruitt", or that anyone is actually trying to kill him at all? Please cite some evidence.

Trump Kim Prayer

Because every discussion on these blogs gets hijacked into a totally unrelated topic within a few days. :)


Never?! Do you honestly think children will prefer to cling to their kidnappers?

You seem to assume that it's totally OK to separate thousands of children from their parents on the "off chance" that they MIGHT be kidnap victims?! If people risk their lives crossing hostile countries, swimming across rivers, and crossing deserts, and do so with children, are they more likely to do that with their own children, or somebody else's?

Jesus said the true shepherd gives his life for his sheep, unlike a hired worker. It's the same with parents and their children.

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