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Can Criminals Change With God
Legends are not proof. The story is a legend of Helena finding three crosses ...(no other crosses were found) 300 years after Jesus crucifixion, and walla, it was concluded these MUST be the three Jesus's and the other two crucified next to him. You would think they were the ONLY ones ever crucified. WRONG. So then to distinguish which of the three was Jesus's, they were laid over a dead body.... When the third one was laid over the dead body and that body came was then concluded...yep....this is Jesus Cross. That's only one of the legends. Even the legend has different legends.

Really Cluny, this is YOUR PROOF?

And now with so many pieces that would build Noah's ark.....why should it not ALL be a lie?

Can Criminals Change With God
So true Linda. If one were to research this history, there's no real evidence that she found the TRUE CROSS. Just because she said she did does not make it so. Story goes it's the ONLY three crosses found.. Claiming one was Jesus, and the other was the other two crucified with Jesus. What are the ODDS, of all the crucifixions that ONLY these three survived after 400 years and somehow she through some supposed miracle decided which one of the three was Jesus's? The whole story is hokey pokey. But back then....ignorant people believed this kind of stuff. No one ever questioned the RCC, or it's bogus claims. We're more educated today, and with global communication we also know that all these pieces of wood cannot be from the TRUE CROSS.

Can Criminals Change With God
GOSPEL, aka Good news is clearly defined in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Scripture also tells us that flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God...SOOOOO you must be Born Again? Now the earthly kingdom after the wrath of God takes place( yes, those IN CHRIST ( Good news too ) are saved from the WRATH TO COME, is something altogether different. BUT that time is designated for a specific time of the GREAT TRIBULATION, which Christians don't have to go through.

Remember Jesus said MY KINGDOM is not of this world. Those in the BOC are in the Kingdom of His dear Son, NOW seated with Christ in Heavenly places IN CHRIST we have already entered through much tribulation.

Can Criminals Change With God
And just an FYI for those not Catholic....the relics the Catholic Church claims they have of the TRUE CROSS....yes, make sure you get that's called the TRUE CROSS, some say if all the pieces were brought together and assembled would be enough wood to build Noah's Ark.

But interestingly enough...that aside...they don't believe the verse, "we are justified by His Blood" ... The verse is clear. Is it because it doesn't say.."Blood of His Cross" and they think Paul was negligent in his writings? Did they mistakenly think Paul meant blood of His circumcision? Who knows, it just says Justified by HIS BLOOD. ROMANS 5:9. And this is where our Catholics here came UNGLUED.

Can We Say Father
Thanks KarenD and Strongaxe. Learn something new every day.

But even with that song, I don't see it has anything to so with what Nicole is asking.... We're not all Father Flannigans the comparison is somewhat off kilter here. And in referencing our founding fathers ...again in no way suggests we are their children.

So there are many ways to use the word "father" . I like the term "grandfathered in" too, but it has nothing to do with Grandfathers or even people in general.

Can We Say Father
Also if I may add to Josef's....Jesus also rebuked those who put so much emphasis on Abaham being their Father...( which I think they were ALSO referring to their biological connection as well as spiritual) is Jesus replied..."Before Abraham was...I AM".

Can We Say Father
I've never head any such song called Father Abraham this or that. You sure this is a Protestant song and not a Mormon song, or JW song or Messianic Jewish song? We sing songs praising Jesus. We don't sing songs exalting Moses or Abraham or David, or Isaac.

What is the name of the song and who is the author..

Cite please.

Can Criminals Change With God
There are MANY VERSES that just say HIS BLOOD, even the Authors in Hebrews, James, John, Paul, Peter, just assume YOU KNOW it is not from His circumcision or a skinned knee, but when He shed His blood at the Cross. Only one verse says Blood of His Cross.....which even that to some simple minded may look like Only Jesus wood bled. Oh but again, you all claim to have that wood don't you that you believe there is all sorts of supernatural things attached just like secretly keeping the skin of Baby Jesus circumcision. Yes there's a whole documentary on this bazaar behavior.

So who knows what is in YOUR minds any given moment here on CN everything said has to pass through your strange mindset of what you all have been taught.

Can We Say Father
We even have here our FOUNDING FATHERS. So it would appear Abraham too was a founding father of not only Israel, but the Faith as well. Also, it goes deeper with the Catholic Church. First, no one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ., and it's to our Heavenly Father we can come directly to pray and confess our sin without a middleman. This "Father forgive me for I have sinned" this said to Father Flannagan or our Father in heaven that confusingly someone called " Father" in human form is having to intercept? Not even in Israel under the OT were the Levites called Father or listened to confession. So it's not as innocent or dummied down as Nicole wants you to think it is.

Can Criminals Change With God
Here....Three examples. Some say THE CROSS, some say THE CROSS OF CHRIST....and these three don't even say blood. Yet those who KNOW ..KNOW the preaching of THE CROSS is to preach Jesus death and resurrection, including His shed blood for the forgivness of sin...EXCEPT MONK AND NICOLE.

1 Corinthians 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

Galatians 5:11 And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? then is the offence of the cross ceased.

Galatians 6:12 As many as desire to make a fair shew in the flesh, they constrain you to be circumcised, only lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ.

Can Criminals Change With God
Gee wiz didn't think I meant someone else's cross. Talk about being so petty, that you would find one word you think totally changes the meaning and context of the verse? YOU objected to not including Jesus BODY....and objected to blood only. ....Just like correcting others spelling.... SUCH A BOOR.

But Monk if you need to save face , I'm not surprised.

But when YOU do such petty things, others notice your lack of obedience to 1 Corinthians 13. .

So you thought blood of "the" cross meant the wood was bleeding, But the Blood of His cross means the wood is not bleeding? Did you know ( of the cross) ( of His Cross) is a prepositional phrase ...and does not change the "SUBJECT" ?

Can We Say Father
Judges 5:7 The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel.

Yet Deborah was never addressed as MOTHER Deborah.

Because we are begotten sons through Jesus Christ, and being IN CHRIST, we are sons and heirs with Christ...and the ONLY Spiritual Father We have is God.He literally is our Heavenly Father.

Paul Laboring to bring people to,Christ and bring them to maturity Laboring until Christ was formed in them...his maturity level...the HIGHEST is said to be that of a father, as opposed to children, or young men. Again not to be used as a title....nor did anyone call Paul Father and Paul NEVER asked anyone to call him Father.

Can Criminals Change With God
Nicole, On a Catholic site I asked, why DO SOME Catholic Church ONLY serve the Bread and not the wine ? Here's the answer....
Those who receive only the Host are not depriving themselves of anything. As the Catechism notes, they still receive Christ's "body and blood, soul and divinity" when receiving only the Host.

FIRST, we don't receive the SOUL AND DIVINITY of Jesus Christ when taking communion. We REMEMBER HIS DEATH UNTIL HE COMES.

Even Peter does not teach such nonsense, 2 Peter 1 Peter states we are partakers of His divine NATURE by faith in His Promises...not injesting Jesus. Also Jesus said He would not eat drink UNTIL a later does Jesus need to eat His soul and divinely at a later date?

Virtual Reality Churches.
Nicole, Jesus said "I have many more things to tell you. " Jesus had more to reveal, AFTER His death and resurrection, and the Gospel according to the Mystery is one of them. AND THE TRUE MEANING and application of CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY was another....and Another, the ONE NEW MAN is neither Jew or Gentile, and so much more. And these truths were also revealed to Paul as well as the other Apostles ( some say only Paul ...wrong.

I believe that Paul, (because of his background and study of the OT) God used, because the MYSTERY although hidden in the OT, was still there, but hidden...and now revealed.( by the HOLY SPIRIT) It's ALL the WORD OF GOD where THE CHURCH IS built upon the Apostles and Prophets.

Can Criminals Change With God
But Monk, to jump in the MIDDLE of a conversation and take someone's words out of context and run with it, claiming someone said something they never said...THAT IS WHAT YOU DID. You took Cluny's comment back to me where he got it wrong..... My first words were , JUSTIFIED BY HIS BLOOD AND SAVED BY HIS LIFE. I actually stated the WHOLE of Jesus blood and body....but Cluny accused me of saying Jesus blood only. And never apologized, and when I showed never apologized.

Just apologize....anyone can go back to the beginning of this thread and see what you and Cluny misquoted me, and tried to start a food fight.

And the BLOOD of the CROSS clearly defines it's not from an infant circumcision....

Virtual Reality Churches.
Nicole, Paul, NEVER asked anyone to call him Father, or even signed any letters ending with Father Paul...or did we ever see a Father Peter.

If you look in 1 John, you will see three categories of MATURITY, 1) children, 2) young men, 3) fathers.....but it has nothing to do with taking ANY OF THOSE ON AS A TITLE. Or maybe we should call you Child Nicole...

And Abraham IS considered the Father of the faith....but again is NOT some TITLE like you all do with it....,

The difference between ( one anyway) is that Protestants do not have a hierarchy like you all with Pope, Cardinal, etc, etc.... so that's why we say Brother, Sister...etc... As Christ alone is our HEAD and our ONLY FATHER is our HEAVENLY FATHER.

My Second Amendment
Remember the TRUE Story of the OK Corral? Even back then there were issues with GUNS, and a law was passed forbidding guns within the city limits, and while in town gun carriers had to check them in, and then could check them out after their town business was complete. Yes, back when everyone had a gun in the wild Wild West, there were Issues. The LAW won, and those who rebelled ended in a gunfight...and several were killed, and then they retaliated against the Lawmaker. And it had NOTHING to do with DENS or GOP, or lefty's garbage Haz27 keeps spewing out. It had to do with trying to bring a CIVILIZED way of life to the lawless West. Why, because even then innocent people were getting killed by these careless, uncivilized men.

Can Criminals Change With God
Well Nicole, that's your interpretation of John 6, but if you read all of chapter 6, those who left were compared to Judas...and there's no scripture that states Judas had a problem with canibalism, because canibalism was never brought up.

John 6 is about following Jesus int death and resurrection life....

I'm sad Nicole that you all have a false sense of secutiry because you think you are going to be saved on what you injest into your stomach,,and pass daily with the morning paper. I believe CHRIST IN YOU comes in a totally different form, via THROUGH the veil, that is to say His Flesh....meaning being Crucified with Christ, and raised up together WITH HIM.

I stand by what I believe Nicole.

Virtual Reality Churches.
Are you stating there are words of Pauls against Jesus? If so ..PROVE IT. IF you can't PROVE IT, then you are creating a straw man to support your non existent THEORY on to make a non-argument.....putting foolishness only in YOUR MOUTH.

I can't believe the nonsense you will go to to chase your own tail in circles Nicole. And you THINK I am running in circles to keep up with your foolish nonsense?

Show where Paul contradicted Jesus FIRST, before anyone takes your silliness seriously?

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