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Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Back to Roy, he just won't give up .....being encouraged by FOX conspiracy theorists, that have already been debunked. But there ya go, Moore wants to believe them. And take a second look at just HOW these ALT RIGHT News agencies love keeping division alive and well. This is NOT the kind of person needed in Government. Everyone including Trump has asked him to concede. He actually THINKS God is going to change the outcome.
Listen a race like this that was so closely watched...IS NOT GOING TO OPENLY ALTER VOTES.

They actually want you to believe 800 school busses from Mississippi were rented along with drivers and SNUCK INTO ALABAMA and cast votes. That's totally CRAZY.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Without WE THE PEOPLE, under our constitution, there would not even be three other branches. WE THE PEOPLE elect presidents, congressmen, representatives, senators, judges, and even school board members. "We the people" the 4 branch of our government, should actually be considered the 1st branch.

Now in other countries that are not democracies , may also have something equivalent to some of our branches, but the people have NO SAY or influence in that election or process. WE THE PEOPLE also have a strong and powerful voice that influences. WE THE PEOPLE hire lawyers, and can take OUR case all the way to the Supreme Court , and WE THE PEOPLE don't have to get permission from TRUMP or any president or any other branch.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
All faiths wait before stoning a woman. Some wait until the child is weaned.////

What are you talking about Nicole. Chapter and verse please.

I see no such verses in the Bible. Is this one of your "alternate" Books with your alternate FACTS you claim are scripture? Which ones please.

So you also think there was birth control pills or provisions in the OT? OR are you saying NO act of adultery ever ..not even once resulted in conception? David and Bathsheba's DID. And you can prove this??? How? And when God laid down the LAW, can you find ANY verses dealing with a woman conceiving as a result of adultery where there were exceptions to the law of stoning?

Is Senator Warren A Native
Nicole, some say three and some say four. It's not the issue here as to ones view on this issue, and I lean towards the 4 branches. You can lean towards the three. To make some mountain out of it only shows you LOVE arguing over NOTHING.

Again whether three or four, TRUMP, or the branch of the president does NOT have POWER over any other branch, NOR can he shut down FREE SPEECH. ...

Take your pills and go to bed Nicole.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Nicole, you FORGET God killed men and women who probably conceived through adultery, aka babies in the womb, and there was no law that said wait 60 days to make sure the woman is not with child. The woman taken in Adultry in the Gospels was about to be stoned to death. She COULD have been with child. BUT her NOT being stoned had nothing to do with maybe's or maybe not's in that area.

Even David's son with Bathsheba was not allowed to does that make God a killer?

Yes TODAY we live in the age of GRACE, and no one is stoned to death for Adultry, however it wasn't that many years ago a man COULD kill his wife if she was cought in the act. No law then insisted a Pregnancy test had to be administered.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Jerry, there are many more links than Wikipedia. Look it up yourself. It's crazy for you to scoff at that fact. You seem to forget " WE THE PEOPLE" But the question wasn't about HOW MANY BRANCHES, but the FACT that the president is not OVER any branch but his own. The President CANNOT override any Supreme Court decision. He also cannot OVERRIDE any decision of the Legislative branch. Will he force his TAX thingy, even if the HOUSE votes it down? He can't, and THAT is the issue. And he CANT shut down the press OR OUR FREEDOMS.

If you think he can, or you actually WANT him to or want him to have TOTAL POWER..YOU ARE CRAZY. He's becoming a LAME DUCK PRESIDENT, even before his first year in.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Nicole, since I'm not in a position of power to make decisions of life or death, my opinion is simply my opinion. I will not CONDEMN any woman who chooses her life over that of a pregnancy that would kill her. I will never CONDEMN a mother who decides that her 10 year old daughter should not be forced to have a baby that SHE Had no decision in creating, nor will I CONDEMN any woman who chooses not to have a baby conceived by rape, especially since today the rapist will be allowed to be in her life forever. If as an adult she chooses not to abort, I applaud that as well.

So, scream all you want....but MY OPINION of not CONDEMNING anyone for those reasons, still has no POWER in life and death. I am allowed to have an opinion.

Is Senator Warren A Native
In the American political system, the fourth branch of government refers to a group that influences the three branches of government defined in the American Constitution (legislative, executive and judicial). Such groups can include the press (an analogy for the Fourth Estate), the people, and interest groups.
Fourth branch of government - Wikipedia

So why don't YOU google it before you post?

I know Trump would LOVE to shut down the press, but he has no power to do so. Maybe in N. Korea ....but NOT IN AMERICA.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Also Nicole, no one is gloating. That's something your imagination conjured up. But God will not be mocked, and Gods desire is also for the lowely, poor and helpless...AND that includes all these women he has molested YOU THINK are not worth it. WRONG? You think God doesn't care about them? I say FOR A FACT HE DOES. Just as King David ALSO did not get away with his choices did he? At least David REPENTED of his wrong doing, and STILL suffered the consequences. NO ONE gloated there either.

Do you think God is a REPSECTOR of persons Nicole? NO! And the outcome here clearly states that fact. God KNOWS the truth, and it appears God believes these woman, because He was there.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
This is my stand again Nicole, the ONLY MURDERERS are the Women who made a choice of their own free will. NOW if we were in China during the days where women were forced to get abortions after the one or two rule, THAT WOULD BE A DIFFERENT ISSUE. We are not voting on whether a family should or should not have more than one or two children. THEN THAT would be an issue of baby killers.

These woman will just go across the border, or out of the country....

I'm against abortion except for health, rape and incest. So you judge me on that...BUT THATS JUST MY BELIEFS. MY personal beliefs again NEVER MURDERED ANYONE EITHER.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Nicole, Trump is NOT OVER any branch. There are 4 individual distinct branches, and THAT is so NO ONE BRANCH can ruff shod over another. PRES is only one of the 4 branches. Now he can appoint a Supreme Court Judge, but THAT can be voted down by congress. If that were not so Nicole, Obamas pick before leaving office would not have been challenged.

Sorry Nicole, you need to take a civics class. TRUMP can say and do anything he wants....But there ARE consequences to that as well.

And TRUMP cannot decide on a whim to re- enforce slavery either...

And here is another law suit about the National Monuments in Utah. If he CAN do whatever.....there would not be ALL THESE LAW SUITS AGAINST HIM. OR INVESTIGATIONS.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Nicole, how many babies has Jones personally murdered?

75% stayed home....didn't vote at all. And those 75% are suppose to be Conservative Christians correct? WHAT made them stay home? Is it possible they did not believe in Moore's innocence? Was it showing that even common sense Christians also KNOW how dangerous a LIAR is?

I said from the BEGINNING that the Republicans NEEDED to either postpone, ask Sessions to take back or FIND A WRITE IN. And to ask Bannon to step away..... They did not...and NOW look what happened. They lost because they THOUGHT they were a shoe in.....

WRONG! ARROGANCE and PRIDE is WHY people FALL/ FAIL. PRIDE comes before a fall, is Gods Word....and Gods Word is 100% TRUTH in action.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Nicole, I'm not sure you know how government works. The President is NOT a dictator. So yes, the Pres can do and say this or that ...AND IN DOING SO, the people and agencies CAN take it to court, and TRUMP or any President can LOSE. He's not a dictator Nicole, and this country is not a dictatorship.

Trump has made a lot of promises, BUT even with that...PLANS NEED TO BE MADE when fulfilling those promises it ensure a smooth and safe application. This is NOT a Company Trump OWNES. Get that through your head.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Again, the message and his signature WAS NOT A FORGERY. Only the printed notation under the signature is not Moore's writing. That part was always obvious.

And THAT PART FOX NEWS CORRECTED AS WELL, after they falsely reported on this issue.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Interestingly Jerry, only 25% in Alabama turned out to vote in the first place. Black men and women are NOT dead people. Now THAT WAS A RACIST COMMENT.

So it appears Bannon is becoming a thing of the past and people are not buying his extreme way of motivating. He didn't have it in VA and now in AL.

Everyone who voted in AL are Alabama registered voters. And AL has spoken. And maybe because of these extreme tactics and constant ALTERNATE Facts, and constant cries of FAKE NEWS will in the end BACKFIRE.

Listen, if the Lord WANTED Moore in office Moore would be in office. He's NOT. So The LORD has spoken here as well.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Jerry so true, Trump's "Rocket Man" name calling is CRAZY. just like he has pet names he BULLIES others with. He's a BULLY. And BULLIES are CRAZY.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Nicole, I was asking Jerry to apologize about repeating A MISTAKE FOX NEWS stated and FOX had to retract. YOU learn how to read Nicole. And it wasn't to you in the first place.

Well, it's all over and done with this morning, as Moore lost, and thank goodness, because now the country and government can focus on more important things, and not have to take up any more time and money going through an even deeper investigation.

Remember God is in control. God would rather have Jones I guess. Republicans still have the lead, and at least till 2020, NO MORE ROY MOORE.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Either they did or didn't Nicole. If they did know months ago PROVE IT. A "Probably " is not an answer, only YOUR imagination.

I know it's NOT the way Trumps government works.

Trumps off the cuff banning transgender from the military, even the Military didn't know or was it ever discussed with them. And the Supreme Court had the last say...and overturned Trumps the cuff, decision. JUST MAYBE if Trump had discussed it FIRST with the Military, and came up with a plan, maybe THEN it would have resulted in something.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Nicole, it was all over more than Fox, but giving a 5 day heads up is not enough time to SECURE ALL our embassies all over the Arab Nations. Things like this need more than just a 5 day notice. It's done more harm the WAY it was done.

I think Trump is hoping he brings in the Second Coming with advice from his PAULA WHITE and the 700 Club advisors.

When the Lord does come, He will come to Jerusalem regardless of whether it's the Capitol or not. One thing we do know, is this move really hacked off the Pope and the RCC, who has always leaned toward favoring the Palestinians, but even with that said, this could have waited until N. Korea has settled down.

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