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Are Democrats Really Evil
Really...and republicans are holier? what about W bush he bear false witness, committed murder, cover than neighbor's oil, think he is god above the law US constitution.

Backslidden Christian Taken
the reason why a backslidden Christian NOT respond to 'chastisement' is bec. it is NOT chastisement or correction but stupid teachings, judging the one being 'corrected'. Christian church lack compassion & understanding but add more burdens. do that 'chastisement' to a greedy & lazy pastor & he will say 'ye not judge me' what stupid question. I have been there instead of Christians having compassion they are quick to say 'SIN' but they do not understand the problem

Tithe To Abused Animals
isn't it OBVIOUS? I use to give 'tithe' to a church but I recently understand that Christianity is "BUSINESS" & the name JESUS is a merchandise to make a profit. the church or pastor don't care what they preach as long as they make a profit from their 'gospel'- jesus died for YOU 'give me your money give me your money' or 'worry is a sin, give me your money'. while you struggle to make ends meet, these stupid lazy greedy pastors live a comfortable life, drive a expensive car, their security is in money NOT Christ & they have the adacity to lecture about laziness & socialism when lazy pastor do it too. hypocrite

Asked For Help In Church
typical. the church will ask for money, volunteer work & other 'Christian assistance' that cost an individual TIME, money & effort providing those 'Christian assistance' but when YOU need help from the church especially stupid pastors they will slap you with one verse & hope it will work but if it does NOT, you don't have any faith. or why is it pastor beg for money to preach the gospel but it is free when you do work for the church Christianity is a BUSINESS

Obama Spygate Scandal
to jerry 6589

you are a hypocrite. BUSH LIED & thousands died about Iraq war.
and trump he is a patriotic(?) president when he colluded with the Russians. yeah right. typical when somebody disagrees with US they are labeled leftist communist, unpatriotic etc etc 'go back to your country'. GOP IS AS dirty as the other party.

God Does Not Love Me
I understand what you are saying. you are not having bad things happen to you but you are given STUPID teachings that result in bad 'happenings'. what you sow is what you reap. when stupid pastors ask for

Obama Spygate Scandal

whoever made this comment is a HYPOCRITE! 1st of all what about BUSH. this spying the americans started with BUSH but nobody got prosecuted. 2nd why is it when the GOP does like spying killing thousands of innocent people, war it is OK but when the democrats do it they are labeled leftist unpatriotic,etc etc. this website christianet is a GOP hypocritical 'christian' website.

The John Darby Rapture

then why does the pope claim to be God on earth? or why does he call himself 'another Christ?' or why did the catholic church burn bibles during the middle ages & kill those who does not accept the teachings of the pope or catholic church. opposing the teachings of Christ IS denying Christ. is mary another way? what about the rosary? or purgatory? why does the pope pushing for one world religion? how can the RCC call itself 'christian' when it rejects the bible?

Non Mercy Pastors
why is it that if a pastor sins like twisting the scripture for monetary gain, forgive them but when an ordinary person in a congregation ask a question regarding issues like SELF confidence, money, relationship stupid pastors will quickly judge that self is SIN, money is SIN, relationship is SIN. pastors deserve to be kick in the face because of the damage they cause. hypocrite

The John Darby Rapture
rapture is a LIE. in the last days YOU WILL BE tested whether you will obey Christ or obey the pope (antichrist) like those who experience it in the bible. that is why rapture is a lie.

Is Left Behind Rapture True
taken & caught up are two different things. taken are the wicked that will be destroyed, caught up are the righteous 'LEFT' that will be caught up to meet with Christ.

Lack Of A Healing

same old answers that does NOT APPLY IN THE REAL WORLD. I have heard REAL LIFE stories where children DIE because stupid people told them not to go to the doctor & get medical attention but pray & WAIT for God to answer prayer. BRAINWASHING. but the same stupid people will do the very opposite they advice other. they go to doctors for healing. IT IS brainwashing that they received from stupid pastors who sit down & 'give me your money' & God will shower you with more.

Hinder Walk With Jesus

yes because those who hinder walk with Christ are stupid, ignorant & self righteous. they don't have any practical answers to real world questions. most answers are 'seek ye the kingdom of god & all these things shall be added unto you- give me your 10% give me your 10% pastors should be paid well, double salary double salary. the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR really is a stumbling block because that is what many religious leaders worship. ( a ready made answer: ye not judge me)

Bring Back Christmas
Christmas is NOT BIBLICAL Christ was not born on December 25. Christians should celebrate HIS FEAST to remember the plan of salvation for man not pagan tradition

Should We Pay Taxes
christ said 'render to ceasar what is ceasar's'. clear as day that we should pay taxes. yeah right the rich should give tax cuts. how hypocritical that the 'right' complains about hand out but they are given tax cuts. the trickle down economy that the GOP claims to work only increase deficits.

Forgive Or No Heaven
Depends on which Bible verse you use.

Christians That Hate Parents
Most of us are Christians by title.

Wife Left Me For No Reason
Hello, my wife left me after 4 months of marriage her 1st husband divorced her 21 years ago. Mine died years ago.
I told her i would get her a 400000 dollar home, now i cannot afford it, and some other bad lies such as living like she wished. She told me she could not reside in my 1,800 sq foot home. she treated me well as did i her, she told me i was loyal and treated her very well yet lied she moved from another state spent 7k on moving and now went to her dr and husband's home a week ago and rarely calls me nor texts anymore
Am i really bad or just stupid?

Pastor Paid From Poor Fund

you mentioned 'don't muzzle the ox'. that does not mean MONEY. it means, they should receive 'double HONOR' NOT money.

it is true you are stupid & gullible because you are agreeing to pay them salary but quoting 'don't muzzle the ox' that does not even point to a salary or money. that is how Christianity exploit the congregation by using fear, shame blame & twisting the scriptures. you are following man

Pastor Paid From Poor Fund
pastors accuse you that the reason you are NOT BLESSED or that god did NOT answer your prayers is bec. 'ye lack faith' or 'you sinned that is why god is punishing you' but pay the pastors a salary bec they preach the gospel is NOT ABOUT greater FAITH but EXPLOITATION & twisting the scriptures -that is why they can say 'I am blessed' and also BRAINWASHING

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