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Can A Drunk Get Saved
I suggest you direct your question to the only authority on this particular question...our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I found that asking the opinion of others before delving in the Holy Bible along with prayer, can be a short cut and offer unfulfilling results. If you are comitted enough to spend quite a bit of time reading scripture and praying to God for exactly what you want and need, then the answer is probably already on its way.

What Is Church Of God
There is also the First Church of God which is not pentecostal. I don't know, but my grandmother told me that there were two churches with two worship styles and both called themselves the Church of God. There was a lawsuit and the non-pentecostal Church of God was legally proven to have been established before the pentecostal Church of God so they took the name First Church of God and the pentecostal version took the name Church of God. Ultimately, I agree with other posts in that there is only one church and only one head of the isn't Pat Robertson, T.D. Jakes, or the Pope, but our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Catholic Becomes A Mason
Allow me to reiterate what has been said here once before: It is against Canon law to join the Freemason heresy. The last person to confirm this was Cardinal Ratsinger, aka. Pope Benedict XVI.

A Roman Catholic who is a Mason may not partake of the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.

This organization openly fought against the Catholic Monarchies in France and Spain and has perpetually attacked the TRUTH of the one Church.


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