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The Father's Knowledge
There is a reason that christ did not possess all knowledge and that reason is consistent with the very purpose and plan of this creation. He came to demonstrate what happens when a man is obedient to and follows God. That should give us much hope. This was the pattern shown through Abraham, a template foreshadowing the means by which salvation of the world was promised and by which we become children of God. But know for sure Christ was equal with God. Just as the scripture says and has been quoted on this site, "he removed from his self his Godliness". Were he not equal with God his blood would not cancel (and replace) the blood agreement he made that is the 1st covenent (a shadow of the second one).

peace out

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
MarkV, this is not a subject I have ever felt led into perusing but I have wondered about. I know many folks make the distinction between a prayer tongue and a foreign language sort of tongue and most of everything I hear folks talking about seems to be the former although its quite easy to see the utility in the latter (and easy to see that the tongues in acts were of the latter). As much as this makes me uncomfortable to even consider this, I am not afraid and will go along with it for the moment. Is this something you have researched considerably? Is it something you have felt in your heart was out of place and felt called to expose? Do you mind providing a little more perspective on how you got to this conclusion.


Keep Committing Adultery
Over about a year I found myself more and more concerned about other people, the welfare, etc. All sorts of things started slowly coming into my mind. I had not concerned myself with before. I found myself just praying that Jesus would come to different people and bless their hearts. I started getting all worried about homeless people and old ladies in my town and kids with no father. Many of my prayers were answered even though I had no interaction with most of them except that I did start helping out with things that I could. At one point I looked back and realized I had not thought about my weakness in over a year. God had delivered me and he did it his way.

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