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War With Islam
One thing about Islam is that Islam are only faithful to Islam and it only belongs to Islam and are not faithful to a nation but only to Islam. In other words if Islam call on its followers to take arms or for what ever reason it must put Islam 1st and cannot listen to the country that the reside in but first and for most the are citizens of Islam and they are not Americans, British or any other Nation. They are Islam (Muslim) and nothing else. So how can any nation rely on a Muslim?

Is The Bible The Authority
When you use the passage in Acts to prove the doctrine of sola scriptura, you should realize that those in question were not Christians; they were Hellenistic Jews. There was no doctrine of sola scriptura , the Scriptures were held as sacred. If one of the two groups could be tagged as believers in sola scriptura, who would it be, the Thessalonians or the Bereans? The Thessalonians, obviously. They, like the Bereans, examined the Scriptures with Paul in the synagogue, yet they rejected his teaching.

Bible Written By Mere Men
John I have read your books but prefer to use the best sorce of church history the Church.

Bible Written By Mere Men
John: This is a myth that always comes up but is simple to answer. At the Council of Rome in 382, the Church decided upon a canon of 46 Old Testament books and 27 in the New Testament. This decision was ratified by the councils at Hippo (393), Carthage (397, 419), II Nicea (787), Florence (1442), and Trent (1546)and all it takes is a small amount of study to find this out.

Catholics Believe In Mary
Yes Bruce it most likely will but as a small baby it has not sinned.

Catholics Believe In Mary
No Bruce the Bible is not a lie,read the verses you quoted carefully and keep them in context check who Paul is quoting to get the context, is he quoting in the (distributive sense or the collective sense) it makes a big difference. Has a baby sinned? Not is it borned in sin but has it the baby sinned?

Catholics Believe In Mary
Bruce the question was very simple and all you did was dance around it, and All Have not sinned.

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
Emcee, the doctrine of the Trinity, the word is not in the Bible.

Catholics Believe In Mary
Like I said John I never get an answer to the question just the run around and it is a simple question.

Catholics Believe In Mary
John, Do you beleive that a fallible cause can produce an infallible effect? I never seem to get an answer to this question. If you could create your mother would you create her with or without sin?

Catholics Believe In Mary
That a priest can forgive sins?
"[Jesus] said to them again, 'Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.' And then he breathed on them and said to them, 'Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained'" (John 20:21-23).Looks like Jesus did give this authority to others.

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