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Equally Yoked In The Bible
Unequally/unevenly yoked. Most so called Christians believe in Christ but don't follow all his ways, only pick what benefits them. These separate denominations of Christianity suppose to have one thing in common. Belief that Christ is the Savior. The problem comes in with the added man made doctrines which deviated from the true church that Christ left for the Apostles. The yoke has already become uneven, so it seems that two believers can't even come together because the denominations puts on pressure from these added man made doctrines. They ask for more than "GOD" requires. This is a trick of the Adversary to make the separation. Paraphrase: Christ says there is no separation of people,Greek, Jew, Gentile, male or female,.....

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
I am a member of the church of Christ. We are non denominational and we try to live as God through the Bible teaches. We have Elders who oversee our congregation ( no regional, state or national headquarters telling us what we believe ). We believe in baptism for the remission of our sins and welcome anyone. I grew up in the church and am still with a church of Christ, don't plan on trying out any other religions. We are often mistaken for United Church of Christ or Church of God in Christ which are denominational and stray from the teachings of the Bible. I hope this helps and if you have other questions let me know...

What Is A Calvanist
I find the ramblings here obsessive. So obsessive and abnormal, I'm embarrassed for the writer. The compulsion that's driving you is not compatible with the Holy Spirit. The devil is a driver. He'll drive you right into the ground.

Madonna Mocking Christ
I have read your posts. More than On or Off, you don't talk about Jesus Christ in a personal way. I'm not sure what you are really in to. Why are your hidden political agendas more important to you than anything else?

What Is A Calvanist
I'm not neurotic or anxiety-ridden, legalistic, or fearful of losing my salvation everyday. My church doesn't follow the 5-point program. I've noticed the passive-aggressive behaviors of those here who do. Snuggle up, then a frying pan to the head. Very interesting to watch.

What Is Limited Atonement
I don't know what gospel you are following, but if you don't get a grip, this torrent of blogging will consume your mind with confusion.

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