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Does God Have Faith
Yes God does have faith.If He requires the same from us,that is because we have to exude of His Character since we are made in His Image.
God has never told us to do things He would not do.

Explain 2 Timothy 2:15
Rightly dividing: To make stright and smooth, to handle rightly. The familiar use of this passage, that it means to divide rightly between the Old and New Testament is correct as a human comment, but it is not what the original word means, for the New Testament had not been composed when this epistle was written. So the word covers all phases of one's treatment of the word of God, and requires the teacher to give it the respect due a document coming from the Lord.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
Hello all.
Christian for 32 years.
Two Bachelor of Science Degrees. I am not bragging, just explaining my world view.

Biological conception is defined as the moment a male sperm successfully penetrates a female egg. At this point in time, there is a NEW human being in existence. Ergo, any abortion, at any time, is murder. Sorry. Just ask any scientist.

Also, modern birth control pills cannot assure you of preventing an egg from being fertilized, but they will assure the female of flushing out the uterus. Ergo, modern birth control pills cannot prevent you from becoming pregnant, but do assure you that the egg will be aborted.

Which birth control will you choose? I know what I have used for 23 years....

Can Divorced Christians Remarry
Divorce is permitted in noted by others for two reasons...adultery or the unbeliever doesn't want to stay married. What has been misrepresented is that all Christians must remarry another Christian. This applies only to the she should be obeying the husband. I would pick a Christian woman FIRST, but, as long as the future wife agrees to obey..she will also be serving the Lord, by obeying a husband that obeys the Lord. .

Are People Made For Evil
God made man, neither to damn him, nor to save him, but for his own glory. God made man upright, and he has made himself wicked. God may justly appoint him to damnation for his wickedness. "The day of evil", or "evil day", is the day of wrath and ruin, unto which wicked men are reserved by the appointment of God. This is true of wicked angels, wicked men, and particularly of that wicked one, the man of sin and son of perdition, antichrist.

Are Catholics Christians
There are a lot of Cathlics that are Christians and a lot that are not. Just like any other denomination. There some and there some that are not.

Believers That Are Not Obedient
It unfortunately appears by all these responses, that many people are confusing correction with criticism. It is our duty to warn and correct those who's behavior contradicts the teachings of Jesus, so that they may repent and live. This is however to be done in love and in truth after first correcting yourself. Don't try to correct others if you are not walking upright yourself. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove when correcting others.

Why Are Christians Fat
Christians are fatter than other people for the same reasons their marriages are more likely to fail than other peoples'. They are too busy telling other people what to do to be paying any attention to their own faults, pointing at the cinders in others eyes and ignoring the telephone poles in their own. Christians should not TELL others what to do, they should lead by setting a good example, and until then they should shut up and stop claiming ot be better than other people when they are not.

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