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Authority Of The Government
Monk: just to let you know, the nuns in the Catholic Church (Roman)//

There isn't any a city called ROMAN.

Now there is a city called ROME.

Please tell me were ROMAN is located?//live a communist lifestyle.//


I was a Nun and you are MISTAKEN.

I thought you were a Monk. If so you know we take a vow of poverty. No money.

We are NOT held against our will. The locks on the doors are to keep people OUT not us in the convent.

We have ELECTIONS for our Superior. No dictators as in Communism Country.

//Socialist, much less Marxist. Please stop confusing the two.//

As I told Cluny, WORD GAMES doesn't MATTER.

They BOTH CONTROL people!

Please stop with the word games.

Western Eastern Religions
StrongAxe: After Cohen testified about Trump's complicity,//

Which TIME to Congress?

The testimonials are different which means he LIED at one of them.

But at BOTH times he said that Trump DIDN'T tell him to lie and Trump didn't go to Prague.

Trump called him a RAT when he went AGAINST Lawyer and Client privileged.

Note that Privileged was about paying Daniels to speak quiet after she was exhorting him.

Exhortation is a CRIME. Not paying her to speak quiet.

//KKK officially endorsed Trump//

But the Democrat actually had the GRAND WIZARD as the LONGEST sitting Senator in history!

No one can CONTROL an endorsement. You can REFUSE a Senator. You still have Governor and an AG TODAY!

Western Eastern Religions
StrongAxe: Judge them by what they ACTUALLY DO, not what they BELIEVE.//


Thoses who ACTUALLY do something is because of WHAT they BELIEVE.

Those who believe the Koran RADICALLY is the point!

You can be a RADICAL Christian and believe the Bible radically but still not HARM anyone.

You can be a radical Buddhist and harm anyone.

That's Jerry's concern

Only the Radical Muslims REFUSE to leave everyone ALONE!

They believe EVERYONE has to convert or DIE!

//MOST Muslims do not believe in genocide against unbelievers.//

Thank God!

Image if MOST of them did believe in genocide. World War III would break out.

Only 10% do and causing a GREAT deal of harm in the world!

Western Eastern Religions
StrongAxe: Exactly the same yardstick should be applied to Jews and Christians as well.//


Now what?


Jews and Christians don't punish people for leaving the Faith.

Radical Muslims kill Ex-Muslims who left the Faith.

In fact they HATE Ex-Muslims MORE than non-Muslims.

Even Sunni and Shia Muslims FEAR each other.

I don't fear Protestants.

Melody might condemn to hell 7 times a day.

But I know she isn't going to kill me.

In her mind she is warning me from hell, because she believes I am wrong in the Christian Faith.

She is begging me to convert with words NOT threats to me life.

Can you stay in the 20th to 21th centuries?

What Is Love
StrongAxe: Unlawful accidental killing. We call this "manslaughter". The Ten Commandments forbid this, and the penalty is death (1 above), but the accused could flee to a sanctuary city to be spared.//

No it doesn't. As I said the 5th(6) states 'murder'.

Besides, can you cite that Scripture stating they can flee the Country and if not they die?

You might be right, but something isn't Kosher about your statement. (:D, I couldn't resist)

Anyway, God wouldn't contradict Himself by telling the Kings to kill everyone of their enemies (including children).

He told them that because the Heirs would grow up to take revenge against Israel for killing their people. 1 Samuel 15

Western Eastern Religions
StrongAxe, tell me a Trump supporter that actually lied on a Democrat supporter or harmed a Trump supporter IF YOU CAN.

And I will NEED 5 BLOGS to tell you EVERY single Democrat LIARS supporter against Trump supporter(s).

Tell me a proven Republican Racist Leader and I will need 2 Blogs to tell you proven Racist Democrat Leaders.

Tell me one proven Racist Hollywood Republican and I will need 3 Blogs of proven Racist Hollywood Democrats.

Shall we start the race?

BTW, we will speak about Religious discrimination later, but right now I am talking about 'Race'.

Anyone can be in a Religion, but not a Race.

Don't believe Elizabeth Warren.

What Is Love
StrongAxe, accidental killing. isn't "manslaughter".

//3) Unlawful purposeful killing. We call this "murder". As manslaughter above//

No, no, and no.

Murder is an intent to kill someone.

Manslaughter is killing someone by accident due to willful neglect.

Such as drunk driving, speeding, leaving a loaded gun around children, or having an illegal animal that kills someone. Like a lion, certain snakes, bear etc.

But if my car's tire explodes (without my knowledge it was bad) and I kill someone it isn't manslaughter and I won't go to prison.

Or if someone breaks into my home and opens my locked cabinet. Then drinks an unmarked poisonous bottle and dies it isn't my fault.

Authority Of The Government
Cluny: Why did you drag socialism into the conversation,..I never mentioned it.//

I was speaking to StrongAxe when you joined the conversation.

Again, Socialism is 'light Communism'

You brought up 'Totalitarian' as if it made a difference to the people.
That's my point. You are playing word games.

CONTROL is still the end state.

The CC doesn't see BCP any different from abortion when killing a child. The difference might be liken to Socialism to Communism in pain felt at 7 days of the babies life in birth control Pill than abortion.

Still it is killing the child.

Socialism and Communism are the same in that it is 'controlling' a person in that no choice given to the person in certain matters.

Suffer From Depression
steveng: Many on this site say it is a "chemical imbalance." And believe that man's medicines will cure you.//

I am one and I KNOW because I seen it in my profession.

I seen Bipolar people so bad they are hospitalized. AFTER a series of Lithium given they are well.

If medication is given with good results it isn't called a miracle (expect that God gave us knowledge in making the drug).

//God CAN heal any ailment you may have.//

What? God CAN'T use man in healings?

//For the nonchristian and weak christian, God created natural plants for our medicines. Ezekiel 47:12//

That's ISN'T what that Scripture states!

Read the WHOLE BOOK of Ezekiel to understand chapter 47

What Are Lords Commandments
Cluny: According to Judaism, there are 613 commandments in the Torah, not just 10.//

Yes, but you know they didn't consider the 613 at the SAME level as the 10.

The 613 Commands were used as a buffer to the 10

2nd (3rd)Commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

In the 613 - Don't say God's Name so you won't take His Name in vain.
If you can't say His Name how are you going to verbally disrespect His Name?

Jesus does this in a HOLIER WAY with the 10 Commandments and NOT a buffer either. Matt 5:27-30

You have heard that it was said, You shall not commit adultery. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart...

Authority Of The Government
Jerry: Nicole: It is difficult to tell what you mean in the blog question (could be the Mods again).//

If you are speaking about Moderators as the 'Mods" I meant they blocked direct proof I gave backing you up concerning vaccinations.

I realized they didn't like name of the vaccine.


Anywho, as far at the blog's question I am speaking about the Judicial putting his or herself about the Executive branch authority.

The people do not elect them.

As we both know that's how the Left planned it decades ago.

The Left knows no one wants their areas or plans. In order to get people to follow their plans they have to FORCE them on us. (through judges.)

Lies are NEVER accepted, but forced.

Prayer For Healing
Praise God, the Pulmonologist isn't too concern with the honeycombing in both lungs.
(He suggested no one should go to the internet for medical instruction or knowledge)

I do have a nodule but he doesn't think its cancerous. I will have another CT Scan in 6 months to see if it increases.

Thank you for all your prayers.

What Is Love
StrongAxe: "kill" refers to one person killing another, irrespective of method or reason.//

You are wrong.

In the 5th (6th) Commandment the word isn't 'kill' as we have it in our languages it is 'murder' according to the Jews.

//1) Lawful killing. We call this "execution". The Old Testament is full of this, and even commands it, as the death penalty abounds for many offenses.//

We are NOT following Moses' Law rules anymore. Matthew 5:38-48

Murder in Matthew 5:21 doesn't mean we are the Judge. Matt 7:1

Lawful killing is for self or family defense

I will address the rest in the next blog.

What Are Lords Commandments
David, you are correct that Moses gave Commands to Israel. (613 after other people in his Chair Matthew 23:1-2).

But the 10 Commandments are considered at the 'Moral' Law that never changes. Those are the 'Law of Christ' if you want to call them as such.

Mark 10:3-9 What did Moses command you? he replied.
They said, Moses permitted a man to write a certificate of divorce and send her away. It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law, Jesus replied. But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh...

Suffer From Depression
Depression can also be a chemical imbalance as well.

But what do you mean by addiction when you speak of depression?

If you are having excitement and depressions (ups and downs) you might be bipolar (manic depression)

Please go to a doctor.

Prayer For Healing
John, the crazy thing is that you don't have ANY HISTORY backing up your desires in your wanna be Faith.

And you KNOW it!

Prayer For Healing
John: its like you trying to justify idolatry using Num 21:4-9 when 2 Kings 18:4 condemns what you practice.//

Be a man and admit you CAN'T explain why the SAME statue wasn't worshiped by the 1st set of Israelis in Numbers, but is in 2 Kings.

I am surprised by you. When you are confused or wrong you can't say so and apologize.

Spinning the question means you KNOW Catholics are not worshipping the statues.

Beside that Protestants broke up the 1st Commandment into 2 which was ridiculous. They both means the same thing.

That's like breaking up the 4th into 2 :

Honor your father and mother.

Don't disrespect your parents

Authority Of The Government
Cluny, you are correct. Hep C is the fastest one. My mistake.

But Hep B isn't to far behind which has a poor prognosis.

Hep A is going around in food buffets

For those who do not know these are viruses disease of the liver.

Finish It Here February 2019
John: the Bronze Snhke had become a god they were worshipping it//

That's I been telling you!

The statue is the SAME statue in Numbers 21 and 2 Kings.


One set of Israelites DIDN'T worship that statue, but another set of Israelites worshiped the SAME statue.

The statue didn't on it's own become a god. And if any set would have thought it was god would have been the first set. Afterall, it was by ONLY looking at the statue that saved them.

But you DIDN'T ANSWER my question.

I didn't ask you WHY the statue was destroyed.

I asked you WHY Moses KEPT the statue? Jacob, David and other Leaders of Israel.

Why keep the statue after the 1st set of Israel were healed.

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