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What Is The Third Heaven
Sorry, but Peter is better at describing the three heavens than we are. He said the first heaven (and earth) was before the Flood, the second heaven (and earth) is the heaven that is now, and the third heaven (and earth) is in which righteousness will dwell. It's all about TIME, not DISTANCE!
Furthermore, the Greek word most often translated "heaven" is "ouranos" and refers to the sky. For outer space (where the sun moon and stars are) Paul used a different word,"epouranios," which means "of or pertaining to above-the-sky." It's the word that the author of Hebrews used for the New Jerusalem, as well.

Evangelism Training Tools
Read John Wilbur 'Power Evangelism'. It is an amazing book. He also wrote 'Power Healing'. Go in the power of the Spirit and fulfil the Great Commission.

Click Here For The Humor Blog
Why did the clown cross the road?

Because traffic was coming! There you go clowny.

Hawaii Family Vacation
Why did the clown cross the road?

Because he saw a truck coming. Couldn't resist there clowny.

Tell Dates About My Handicap
If the relationship has reach the point of a meeting then i feel you should tell him. If he is a good man then any disabilities will not bother him. If your not honest he could see that as a way to end the friendship. God made us all different ans some people can except anything and others cant. Be honest

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