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I Have Lost Everything
I read in Anne Graham Lotz book, "I Saw the Lord" that God is like a goldsmith. He does not remove us from the fire until He sees His reflection in the gold. That's a pretty powerful statement.
It truly means that God allows us to have trials so we can see His work in our lives. It draws us closer than ever to the One who created the plan for our life to begin with. It makes us wake up to the important part of this Christ-like.
I know...I've been there.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
When God creates a life (at conception) and begins dividing those cells to form a body, He never stops creating. He creates until birth and then is still growing that body until death. He's renewing blood, fluids, and air within that body to live...from conception. When a woman chooses abortion she is stopping that creation. I think we would call that murder if the baby was born, but we've choosen to call that abortion in the womb. A woman has choices. She can give birth and present the baby for adoption. She can get an ultrasound, see the baby forming within her and change her mind. She can abort. There are other options besides abortion.

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