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Should I Study The Apocrypha
For the most part, the apochrypha were rejected by the Protestand Reformation on the ground of unreliabilty and not refered to in the NT. They range from historic, Macabees through demonic, Baal and the Dragon. Saying that, there is one used by many pentecostals. When they say that they rebuke Satan, based on Jude. This comes from a book called the Assumption of Moses and has Biblical basis.

Where Are Scriptures About Smoking
The Bible says, "Praise the Lord with pipe", I didn't smnoke a Pipe so I praised the Lord with a cigarette.
Out of context, yes, but so are most verses we use to make our personal point.

Why Opposition To Spanking Kids
I live in the Uk and hear parents screaming emotional abuse at their children. Is this good? Ask James, where he speaks about the power to curse and tyo bless being in our mouths.
How do you rationalise with a 3-4yo whose idea of fun is to run out into the main street which is also a major highway?
Anti-spanking came from Dr Spock, who has repented of the damage he did.

Click Here For The Humor Blog
Did you know that Paul's father was one of the 2 men crucified with Jesus? "My old man was put to death with Jesus." Did you know that Jesus had a car he was a ashamed of? "I will not speak of my own Accord." Did you ever wonder what happened to it after the Assension? He left it to the apostles. "And they all met in one accord."

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