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Depressed Wife Divorced
Carla: You are right about that verse (Mat 19.9). But that says 'Whosoever shall put away his wife'. Now I DID NOT put away my wife. In fact, it was my ex wife who put me away.

Mat 19 does not list what the wife should do if her husband puts her away. In Mark 10, it says if a woman divorces her husband and marries another (like in Matt 19).

But the question of what the one who is put away should do appears only for the spouse of the one who is put away (Matt 19). The one who is put away appears (VERY STRANGELY) not to be accused

Any ideas? The Bible only accuses the one WHY DIVORCES - not the one who IS DIVORCED BY his/her SPOUSE


Depressed Wife Divorced
Carla: This is what I am concerned about, and thank you for being clear about it!

My ex wife has permanently refused to come back to me, and for some reason believes (I can,t understand why) that God WANTED her to leave me.

But for me the question is not whether to get back with her. The question is what to do with my current marriage

That I HAVE SINNED, I understand. My current question is what to do now?

Depressed Wife Divorced
Carla: As my last comment was not published, I'd like to say that you tell me what I am concerned about....

What I was trying to do is what you tell me to do: find my former wife. She still maintains that God wanted her to divorce me, and now makes fun of me for trying to remake the marriage

I just mention it because one of your recommendations is something I've been trying to do.

As my ex refuses to return to the marriage, which is what she does. What do I do with my current marriage?

If you want to talk more personally, you can find me by looking: Location: Greece, reason: friendship - there are very few people here from Greece, so you can find me very easily

I really need some help with what to do

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