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Husband Texts Old Girlfriend
Debbie, I can tell you unequivocally that what your husband is doing is 100% inappropriate. He is attracted to fantasy, the past, and things that he can't have. Thats a big sign of immaturity. Its entirely possible to committ adultery in our hearts. what he is doing is actually going beyond that. If you want your marriage to improve, pray pray pray and with humility. Peace.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Jody, What you are implying and proposing is not realistic. the sad reality is that many people have tried what you are saying but it doesn't always work. there are some children that do not respond to positive reinforcement in some situations. when positive reinforcement fails, what do you suggest a parent do? Children need to respect their parents. I've personally witnessed kids that walk all over their parents. its embarassing to both them and the other adults present. You give me twenty kids, and in one hour i can tell you which ones don't have respect for adults.

Should I Leave This Church
my advice for someone considering leaving a church. Is don't ever leave a church spitefully, or with wishing bad things on them, and don't try to take people with you. if the Lord is speaking to you about something that is wrong and is leading you away from a church you should pray for confirmation. if you leave and someone asks why, just tell them for personal reasons, and avoid useless debating.

People have to be careful sometimes too, that their flesh is not looking for an excuse to stop serving god altogether. we all have that component in us.

Praise And Worship In Church
God deserves all the praise we could ever give him. I worry more about churches that frown upon expressions of praise. and label some things as emotionalism. than i do for a church that may have too many expressions of praise, or some people that make people uncomfortable.

If someone is embarassed to raise their hands to show praise to Jesus, i would wonder what else would they be embarassed about.

some churches are so uptight and try to keep the holy spirit in a box.

I Like To Steal Things
a dog will return to its own vomit. its hard to crucify our flesh but we have to press on and keep trying. pray to god to give you strength. stop stealing.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Every child and situation is different. I think if one spanks a child it should be done on the bottom, and never on the face. i think if one does it affectively a child will get the message and you hopefully will not have to do it often. I've witnessned some people sadly end up in a bad habit of just whacking their children all the time, which is not affective discipline. spanking should be a last resort. also, we have to do it without losing control, which is hard to do. i know the bible mentions a rod, and i've heard some people say not to use your hands but use an instrument b/c a child could get confused. but i used a belt once and felt so terrible afterwards,i could never do it again.

Are You A Born Again Christian
Bob and Mark, thx for sharing. Grace is so hard to understand for some people. The true gospel is not being preached in our churches. I still struggle some times with it. The other morning my 7 year old son was acting up. b-4 leaving for work, i left a note for my wife to take away his video game when she got home. My son read the note as he passed by the kitchen counter and didn't say anything. as he was leaving for the bus I was overcome with just plain love and forgiveness for him. I crumpled the note up and through it in the trash while he was watching and i just hugged him, smiled and told him to try not to act up next time. Its hard for us to imagine God loves us that way, but he does.

Rapture Of The Church
Bruce - I'm referring to the "wrath of the Lamb" Rev 6:16. Where is it referred to as "Satans wrath" as you said. I didn't see you quote the entire verse for that.

I'm not pre-trib b/c I have a fantasy of escapism. rather its a belief that has come from studying the bible as a whole. Its a conclusion i came to after looking at many views on end times. If Im wrong, my faith will still be in Jesus Christ. I don't think pre-trib people will get mad at god or be lost if things end up differently. Im not sure what you are warning me about.

Rapture Of The Church
Bruce, I agree, there will be christians enduring wrath during the tribulation b/c many people will become christians during that time. I also believe a number of christians will be raptured before that and miss wrath. I don't think everything has been revealed yet concerning end times. I think knowledge will continue to increase as time progresses.

Rapture Of The Church
Bruce, My understanding, is the woman in Rev 12:17 is israel. I get that from her description as the woman clothed with the sun and having twelve stars on her head, and by letting the bible interpret the bible. her remnant wouldn't be christians in that scenario. it would be jews.

Are You A Born Again Christian
Born again 4/21/2000. Lost all desire to drink after 13 years of alcoholism on that same date and haven't had a drop since. praise god.

Bob, You seem to have a good understanding of grace. I would be interested to hear your opinion of Hebrews 6:4-6. I think its similar to Heb 10:26. I dont think its contradiction to OSAS but many use it as the main argument that you can lose your salvation. what do you think?

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