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Am I Really A Dead Person
Things are simple & clear,there is always time for separtion in life:Abraham & Lot.Paul & barnabas...if a cat seats on a hot stove & start avoiding all stoves either cold it doesn't mean all stoves are hot,some are cold.All women are not the same we men always make that mistake,now what to do is put all her snaps & all souvenirs under your case or where you can not easily see them,delete all her mails in your mail box i know you have them,then donot revenge,be easy,then forget,i know it's not easy but you'll make it through prayer.Then you'll let us know what happened after.

Relative In My House Needs Help
Sister T,
Things are clear and simple .if a tree does not bear fruits chop it off,said Jesus. How can he leave the house for a week without saying bye,or teling you guys where he is from? how long has he been doin this? Jesus used to rebuke he never plead.There are demons wich need to use force,satan uses our relatives to take our joy away,Trap him again,i know you'll get him,if he gets annoid he'll leave the house,when he comes tell him no entering this house today.There is time for separation in life:Abraham & Lot,Paul & tell us what happened.

Bible Study Questions Anyone
I've just finished to read all of you,your comments here,remember the Bible says that we who are strong we should be patient to those who are weak. May be people who are writing foolish things here have just got saved & remember also the day you became a born again there were thousands of behaviors you wanted to give up but it took you years to give them up. We should be patient with these people,it's said that my people perish by lack of knowledge. It's already an advantage as they visit ChristianNet i'm sure they'll change,too!

Holy Water: Fact or Fiction
The Bible says everyone has a measure of faith.If you believe that you can not get healed untill you send some water to your Pastor then he prays for it after you drink it ,that's your faith,an other one untill they touch his head...but we should be very careful with those so called waters.The devil is tricky.

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
As they say one man's sour is an other'sugar.Rarelly man are not conveiced by women's behavior at first.Every man has what he likes on a woman.There are thousands of man in this world who like big women,i've seen many,Man look first at your physical appearence then your behavior,so don't worry about yourself,avoid inner insecurity.God is on your side.

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