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Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Luther was mad. He couldnt deal with his fear that he wouldnt be saved. He decided to ignore James and believe that just wanting to be saved was evidence that you were the elect. He developed sola scriptura as a concept. It was not used before him. He removed books from teh canon he didnt like. So can you...its your interpretation.

Explain John 6:27
Do not work for food that goes bad, but work for food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you, for on him the Father, God himself, has set his seal. Better translations make it simple.The seal as set on Jesus at his baptism, and the seal is the HS.

Who Is The Queen Of Heaven
kind of unfair holly that you wont take on blind faith our claim that mary is queen of heaven, but you ask us to take on blind faith your unsupported claim that the bible is the repository of all truth to the exclusion of tradition or sacred dogma. Check!

Bible With Evolution Is False
Couldnt figure out why so many literalists were anti-environment, till I realized they cant afford to...its the science thing again. Hey moderator. way to be fair and balanced!

Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me
My sister had a creepy boyfriend just like this. She was so nutso over the guy, she would not listen to her family. He was running around, sleeping with other girls, it was disgusting. My mother said he was nothing but a low down dog. Seven years later, she's holding out for the big ring. He marries someone else, dropped her like a hot potato. Then we had to hear the blubbering, bawling, squalling for another year. He was having a happy life and all she did was pine away. That was disgusting, too.

Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me
Just reading this reminds me of my big sister and I want to throw up all over again.
The best way to even the score is to live a happy life.
You're going to have to forget sleeping with boyfriends and find Jesus. If you don't you'll be chasing men for the rest of your life. Several rotten boyfriends later and crummy marriages, you'll still be bawling your head off. So get a grip, no sleeping around. Find Jesus Christ and start over.

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