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What Is The Meaning Of Life
I believe the meaning of life is what we make it. whatever you want or need at that time is what your meaning is. If at this point in your life what you need is God then he becomes the meaning of your life.

Husband Turned Muslim
please just sit with him and ask what he is so interested about islam and listen and think carefull and you will definetly know what to do next.

Which Religion Is Right
find who is the creator we are not here by ourself.than you will find god,and faith to follow,one god,one hope,one need to read deferents religions books till you find the truth faith.god will guide you thanx.

Is The Devil Just Dumb
You would have to be dumb to think you can be God. First of all we are all made from him so therefore we can not be him. Satan has to seduce, and entice people to be with him. Lets face it he is such an arrogant jerk who would like to spend lots of time with him.

Is The Devil Just Dumb
In other words god does not need to seduce or entice people to be with him. They come to him in faith, and love. There is a saying curiosity killed the cat.

Are Abortions Ever Right
Argue about it all you want but to me there is no excuse. Do you not have brains to use protection, abstain from sex, or put a baby up for adoption to someone who is loving, and can not have kids. If you can not make those choices you are either dumb or selfish.

Is Heaven A Literal Place
There is one thing I know. Heaven is a good place and hell is a bad place to be.Those who will follow Christ genuinely are going to heaven and others, hell. If I were you, no matter how people may describe heaven, I would try to go there and avoid hell.

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