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Once Saved Always Saved
In the whole scope of Christian teaching, you have to consider line upon line preceipt upon preceipt as Isaiah puts it. Salvation is a work of God totally and completely Jonah 2:9 we are chosen before the foundation of the world, if God knew we were to be lost why would he save us in the first place? Salvation is being "born again" it is a work of God that brings about a "new birth" a spiritual change in us that can never be undone if God truly does it. We are "sealed by the Holy Ghost until the day of redemption Eph 4:30 we are secure, but we must also "MAKE" our calling and election sure..We are to honor God with our lives and our works, we could never produce good enough works to merit our salvation.

Demon Jumped On Me
One night when I was sleeping at a friend's house, I woke up and felt this dark and evil presence that entered the house. I could see a dark figure move towards me and it was as if it went into my chest. I was thrown flat down on my back and my arms straight by my side. I couldn't move anything, but my eyes. It became hard to breathe and my mouth was frozen open. I tried and tried to call for my friend for help, but couldn't get out much more than a moan. It seemed to last forever when just as quickly as it had happened, I felt the presence leave and saw the figure go through the wall. I didn't want to sleep for days after this.

False Rapture Doctrine
John Hagee A Great Bible Scholar. Teaches pre trib. A man used by More bible Colleges to teach, than anyone else. all different in doctrinal beliefs. Now Where have any of taught or got your doctrinal degrees from. Listen I believe in pre trib. but if by chance im wrong im prepared not to be bamboozled into taking the mark of the beast. I just have one question. Why do you want to go through the trib. If Theres a chance that the rapture could take place before the trib. As Many Great Qualified, successful men and women of God Are Teaching. Just a thought God Bless

Rate The President
Obama wow what can i say. I think he's going to reveal himself when least expected. I've seen too much in his compaigns. All the people who voted for him. wake up his work is not what he promised. our debts are extending every day. people are still losing thier jobs. i can go on and on. as far as biblical aspects he's not the anti christ. but some his deals with other countries has got me concerned.(could he be someone who may usher in the Anti christ?). just a thought/Question. dont't over think about this. just watch and pray. Gods will be done.

Rapture After The Tribulation
People, None of you realize that God will pull the church out before the tribulation. I don't worry about it cause I'm Ready. If I'm ready before trib. and he ratures the church then I'll Know i was right. If I Go Through the trib. then raptured. Then I was wrong. the point is If We argue Then the devil has divided the church. And the bible says, A kingdom divided against itself can not stand. So lets just agree to disagree. Love one another, And Give That devil a black eye. Love to all, keep the faith in Jesus name.

Rapture After The Tribulation
I only wanted to know your thoughts. I Have a theroy. It may not be yours. but that what makes us better by looking at one anothers piont of view. never in Gods judgement did he put his chosen in harms way. noah was in the ark, lot left those cities Before Gods wrath. why would he make the church go through the tribulation. God Bless.

Can't Speak In Tongues
Read acts chapter 19,1-7. recieving the holy ghost is a gift of God. Its in Your praise. dont be afraid to speak when you feel your lips start to stimmer. let it flow. its not suppose to sound like other people. Hope this helps. God bless.

Are Demons On Earth Now
If demons are not fallen angels where did they come from? There is/was agreat war in heaven and Satan and his angels were cast out. Satan was here on earth and he was a very high angel, it says so in a couple of places in the Bible. We know he was on earth, Adam and Eve, and even tempted Jesus, I'm sure he and his follower are still here and if they're not Demons who are?

I Want To Believe In God
I have trouble believing in God as well. Many of you say you need God and Jesus to fight the Devil. Well, if I do not believe in God, then what makes you think I believe in the Devil?

I do not need a God to know wrong from right. I do not need a God to tell me to love my brothers and sisters. I do not need a God to tell me not to steal. I do not need a God to tell me not to kill. I can go on and on.

Why do you need to believe in God? Don't you know how to live life without being a bad person? Do you really need God just to get through the day? I think something must be wrong with you if you need some imagenary person to tell you wrong from right. Not to mention how many believe in God yet still treat there fellow man wrong.

Joel Osteen Has Largest Church
Listen to you people judge this man! Shame on you! Convictions are suppossed to come from the Holy Spirit, not a preacher. Whether he is a motivotional speaker or a preacher, he gets people to church and has over a million viewers every week. Praise God!

Is The Anti-Christ A Teenager
Why all the speculation about the Anti-Christ? It is interesting to read so many comments. I believe that even the Anti-Christ does not know he is the Anti-Christ yet...perhaps he has not been possessed yet by Satan.

Should Christians Be Perfect
First of all, none of us are perfect, we are simply sinners. It is only by God's grace that we are saved. I do believe that our degrees of reward are based on our works. The Bible is full of people who we would expect to be in the Heaven Hall Of Fame. But not a single one of them was worthy. It is only by the blood of Jesus that we are saved.

Correct Way To Be Baptised
Immersion. "Baptism" is a transliteration of "baptiso", greek for "dip, plunge, immerse." Act 2:38 "repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins." Mark 16:16 "he who belives and is baptised will be saved"

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