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Healing After Prayer
Thank you fellow Christians for great answers and especially to the wonderful testimony from Elena.

In library using public computer and do this only occasionally when I am able.

Can Adulters Go To Heaven
I believe not IF he remains with the woman without aasking forgiveness of the one he cheated on and marrying the other one. If he does neither he is not truly repentent.

The Spirit Of Poverty
I've heard such expressions in charismatic churches and it often leads to people beginning to doubt if they were truly saved. It has also resulted in some churches seeing a big 'walk-out' after being mocked by pastors not willing to be challenged or asked to show scriptures to prove why they say these things.

Evangelism Bible Verses
Romans 8:28 and John 3:16

Is Santa Claus Wrong
Everyone must make their own decisions regarding what they teach their own children but, for myself, I prefer that they know the truth from day one.

In our home we never had Santa, tooth fairy of such like. Our children will always say that they did not feel that they had been deprived of any fun by knowing the truth about the origin of their gifts.

One of our children married a lady who did not accept our reasons and his children do have 'Santa' but we do not get involved in that. It is their choice.

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