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Who is John Hagee?
Pastor Hagee's ministry is sound & above reproach to the best of my knowledge, with scripturely accurate based teachings. Including his teaching & ministry to Israel in line with Echad/God's Word's!


Who is John Hagee?
"Times of the gentiles? (now)" will end, then what? [Romans 11:1-32,*33-36]?

a)God has'nt replaced the Jews. b)Some, including some Jews [no Messiah] believe Israel should'nt exist as a nation now.

c)Never been popular to be a supporter of Israel!

d)Good advice? Acts 5:29-32,33-39, else ".. sow the wind, reap the whirlwind". Anyone can be wrong bringing unneccessary pain & /or suffering on themselves & others [Psalms 94:9-11].


Third Jewish Temple Being Built
Chipper, re-read my post, twisting my facts/scriptures used won't change their truth's! *Your scripture II Thess.2:8, omitted clarifying vv 1-7.

Also, of note is that The Tribulation Period was explained to The Lord's Jewish disciples, who would/should understand what He meant about fleeing anti-Christ on the sabbath day, winter, women with children etc. Simple words of The Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Different strokes/answers for different folks/people, faith's are used by some. Spin on.

Third Jewish Temple Being Built
Areil, Messiah/Christ won't be in The Temple during The Tribulation Period. His appearance will herald the END Of This period, ushering in The 1,000 year Period Jews & Believers are waiting for.

I retract my 100% agreement with your post.

Chipper, I understand your response better now.

The 'selective criticism' I mentioned refer's basically to malicious responses by individuals I call Trojan Horses I've previously encountered.


Third Jewish Temple Being Built
Areil is scripturely correct & I agree with him 100% on his post. The *anti-Christ [man of sin] will sit on the throne in The Holy Of Holies in the "Tribulation" Temple built on it's proper site during "Jacob's Trouble"/Tribulation Period, VERY BRIEFLY [Mk.13:14, The 'Rapture' occurs PRIOR to these events].

Additionally, more than Jew's will trust *him in order for the Jewish Temple sacrifices etc to resume in a volatile atmosphere, including animal right's group's, etc.

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
Gordon, I've agreed the promised child's parents are Abraham & Sarah. The question was about Hagar's status or relationship to Abraham.

David & Bathsheba's 'son conceived in adultry died before' Solomon's birth, I'll leave that there.

The Omniscient God of Abraham, of Isaac, & of Israel [Jacob] always preserved the promised seed from Eden's Garden to His birth by a virgin named Mary, wife of Joseph in The Brith Chadasha [New Covenant]. I'm finished here.

God Takes Bad Christians Home
Sin can take more than one's salvation if one allows it to, hence the scripture " ye angry & sin not, ...".

Read what was revealed to the apostle Paul in his personal battle with sin in Romans 7:15-25,8:1,2-10,11-17. The letter of Hebrews addresses this exact same issue [Hebrews 6:4-6].

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