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My Wife Pregnant By Other Guy
I am in the same situation.

The boy is already 1 year old almost 2 and i truly love him just as I truy love my wife. I have forgiven her a long time it happened before the marriage. At the moment we are married and I requested for a divorce and my family suggested that i renounce the name, the true father already is caring but i care too, he still has my name.

I am divided inside the love for the boy and mother, the love of my family. I get dissaponted with her when i am alone. And dont show her because she is going through the bigest trial of her life. I still support her although we are separated for almost a year.

Why The Use of G_D
the answer for some of us is more simple than what some of you may think, G_D is used when communicating with a diverse group where they may have different views on who or what is GOD kind of like fill in the blank with what you believe

Call A Priest Father
I know many Catholic Priests - in two countries, on two different continents, who request being called by their given name. One went as far to say he is a normal man, with a day job, just to put it into perspective. Needless to say they are all a younger (under 50) generation.

Don't Love My Good Husband
So tell me what is your life like. Do you guys communicate, and are still intimate? So if you don't love your husband why are you still with him? Any children? Have you had or having an affair and feel or think you don't love him? If you don't want to be married get out!!!

What Does Born Again Mean
I agree that you are wrong also. Accepting Christ as your Lord and savior is correct. Speaking in tongues is a gift. If you ask God to give you that gift, he will give it to you. It is your gift.

Is This Prophetess Of God
Well frist of all im reply to help my sister,and not to hurt her.well the last prophet was john the bapist.he was the way who came before Chirst.the ppl of GOD would be prophisy the word of GOD agints the anti-christ which mean the instead of christ.which he comes frist to decvie the ppl of he did to the rapture is one way he will decive those who believe in i pray for God will to be done on earth,as it is in i pray for all of Gods children to be opened to HIS truth and not some mans truth.well keep studing Gods word and let HIM talk to u .he will just have faith.well i love all of my brothers and sisters in the lord.for all souls belong to the lord.AMEN

Anti-Christ Will Be An Alien
The bible gives us characteristics that the anti-christ must be. some are. 1) must come from southern europe(ten horns on dragon out came a smaller horn from the middle) he will seek religios power(the devil is in the religion buisness if you didnt know) must be world known. must come after 436 A.D. will want to change god's time and rule. he will reign for 1260 days. and claim to be God.

Anti-Christ Will Be An Alien
The antichrist will be the counterfeit of christ. meaning he do the same things as christ. for eve had the seed of the dragon and the seed of the woman. seed of the dragon is anti-christ seed of the woman is jesus. my guess is A pope would be a great example for a future antichrist. he is world known, seeks religious power. comes from europe. and can easily proclaim he is god. rev. 13, 14, 17 for characteristics of antichrist.

Is Suicide Wrong
.. or soldiers who fall on a grenade to save their buddies? You can qualify that all you want, but the fact remains they all committed suicide.

"Whosoever dies in My name will live forever". What if people commit suicide so that Satan can no longer have them? How do we know that the girl was not being physically violated and felt so ashamed and dirty that she could not handle it? Would our loving God condemn her for that? None of you are in any position to judge.

Is Suicide Wrong
The Bible says there is only (1) one unforgivable sin .. the sin of rejecting Him. The Bible references people who have committed suicide but makes no mention of what happens spiritually when you commit suicide.

In one case, a man intentionally falls on his sword. In another, almost any entire city commits suicide to prevent falling into the hands of their enemies as their city fell. The Bible is full of stories of people who intentionally allowed themselves to be killed in God's name.

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