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Is The Holy Spirit Leaving
In the book of Ezekiel, 10:18 says the glory of the Lord departed from the temple, what makes you think Holy Spirit will dwells in a church that does not preach the Truth and/or keep doing evil? Read Ezekiel please people!
There is evil spirit and there is holy spirit, if an evil spirit can possessed a person and leaves a person, it is the same for holy spirit on a person and leave a person.

Say No To Church Jobs
Reply to 'true one': The Church is the House of God (1 Corinthians 12:12-27).

Reply to this question: 2 Timothy 4:5, Hebrews 12:1

Can We Kill Our Enemies
No, we don't have the right to kill. Stephen is the 1st matryr for God, he is a man of righteousness but he choose to die than to revenge and kill the people who killed him. Also read Matt 5:43-48

Israeli Palestinian People
Judgement belongs to God and justice is in our hearts.

Is The Bible Literal
Where is your faith?

Church of Christ A Good Church
Ask yourselves does that church observes all these?
1. A True Church must have the Truth and observed everything accordingly to the Bible scriptures - no adding or subtracting from the Bible.
2. Did you baptised in the living, flowing water (sea/river)?
3. Did you have foot washing?

If you have one 'no' to any of the questions, you may need to reconsider.

Don't Pray To Dead People
Let the dead bury its own dead is sufficient to tell you that there is no need to pray for the dead (Matt 8:22). Everything is too late after a person has died so while you are still alive on this earth, seek for the One True God, that's why Jesus said 'Follow Him' from that verse.

Has The Holy Spirit Left Me
Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, if a person always go against, grief the H/S, H/S will leave the person. The Spirit of God cannot dwell in a person who keep sinning against Him, whoever does not bear fruits, H/S will eventually leave him. Same to the church, H/S cannot dwell in a place where there is no truth, if a church has not been preaching the truth, H/S cannot dwell in that church.(The truth: no adding/subtracting of the Bible, purely the words of God - The Bible)

Has The Holy Spirit Left Me
Holy Spirit will leave a person like how an evil spirit can possess/leave a person, i DO NOT want to associate H/S & E/S together, just so you can see H/S does leave a person.

Is The Holy Spirit Leaving
Reply to your question, Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, it only dwells in places where there is truth because God himself is the Truth. If a church has not been preaching the Truth, the Holy Spirit will not dwell in that church which also means God will not dwell in/with that church and the people. However if the church preaches nothing but the Truth and do it, without adding or subtracting from what the Bible teaches, the Holy Spirit will dwell in/with them.

Are Instruments In Church Evil
Instruments played in church is not evil however it depends very largely whether the church has been observing the teachings of the Bible to determine whether a church is evil. Your concerns should be whether the church has the truth or not, and not whether the instruments in the church worshipping is right or not.

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