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Home Church Differences
I agree that you should talk to the leadership with your husband. If you still disagree it's okay to look for another group. Remember Jesus said I have sheep not of this fold. Go where you fit and can pray in unity and one accord. God Bless you. Don't feel guilty for not agreeing, listen to the voice of the Spirit. As long as you talk to them and not about them you're okay.

Dolphin And Shark Dream
If you have a dream 3 times it is usually more than pepperoni pizza or a B-movie before bed. Pray for the people in the dream. It could be a warning of the enemy trying to devour something or someone.Do the people have anything in common such as same ministry or function? When in doubt seek Him out. Ask God for the interpretation of your dream. Either way when you pray before bed you can submit your dream-time to God and ask Him to shield you from anything that is not from Him. Sleep well.

Asked My Husband To Leave
I had to ask my husband to leave after 10 years, similar situation but he was unwilling to go to counseling of any kind. God hates divorce because it is so damaging to those He loves. Relationships require work and sacrifice. If your counselor can set up an environment where each person can be heard and respected it is an important step. Try to talk to your counselor about options, if you both are working at it you may just need more time. Pray. God Bless.

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