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I Hate My Husband
My husband has cancer,rather, it has him. We have no life and I am sick of being an old woman in a young woman's body.

Good People Go To Heaven Or Hell
Heaven is defined as a place with God. The place where God dwells.
Hell is defined as a place without God.
If you don not belive that Jesus (God in the flesh) died for your sins, died so that your sins may be forgiven then you will remain a sinner. Everybody is a sinner.
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans 3:23.
Sin separates you from God so you need the blood of Christ to be near God (to go to Heaven and be with Him).To be continued...

Good People Go To Heaven Or Hell
If then Hell is a place without God, where people who do not belive in his son will go, then quite frankly, what is the problem. If you dont belive in someone then what does it matter to you that you dont spend eternity with them. Heaven is for Christians not Good people. You could even say that hell would be no different to Earth. The Earth is full of sin and God does not dwell here. If you dont belive in Jesus, can you really complain about living the way you already are for eternity?

Sin To Marry Divorced Person
NO. Not if the divorced person became divorced because their spouse committed adultery.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
The ones that are speaking so strongly against the Holy Spirit, the gifts, the Baptism - are you fake?
The definition of who the Holy Spirit is, coming from someone who does not understand the Trinity is a crooked path.

Becoming Bored As A Christian
I would like to say this, and in love towards you from encouragement. If you are bored in your christian walk. It is not God your bored with! But, its simply being bored with RELIGION. God has nothing to do with religion. Seek the "truth" of the gospel (search for a good Apostolic Church) that teaches straight from the scriptures. When you find the truth you'll be shouting and never will you be bored again!

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