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Is Purgatory A Real Place
Purgatory is made up. Nowhere in the Holy Bible is there any mention of it. In fact, the Bible contradicts anything like it. Purgatory was invented to gather in money for the RCC many years ago and it's still going on. Religion never saves. Only Jesus does. Purgatory is one of the biggest scams of any religion including Buddhism. I also am no longer a Catholic, but I did not leave Jesus. I am closer, now that religion is not in the way.

UFO At Chicago O'Hare Airport
Those UFo's can't bother you. Keep your chin up, your head held up high and walk into victory! We will all walk into victory! Then we'll hold hands and pray, have milk (water for you LI's) and cookies, get our blankies and take a nice nap. Then have new strenght for more victories.
.......the bear

It Is Mima's Birthday Today
Happy Birthday. What do you want this time? How many candles on your pancake? The regular cakes don't come cheep, and the number of birthdays you seem to have, you would get fat on all those cakes. Can I come to your next party? Milk and soda is fine. No clowns please. I don't like clowns, they have a sinister look about them. No clowns. How old are you know, about 406? And remember, no clowns.

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