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Reconciliation Years After Divorce

Take a moment to breathe deeply for about 2 minutes. Now focus on the positive experiences you've had during the last 3 years. Compare those to positive experiences you had while married. Relive them all together for a moment. NOW put them in a file far in the back of your must deal with the here and now. Your husband now realizes his wrong - forgive him. Do you still trust him?...more importantly do you trust YOURSELF? Don't be unequally it spiritual destiny, personal aspirations or shortcomings. You havethe opportunity to do whats best for the most important person in your life...YOU. Identify & fulfill your needs. Drop the drinker unless he is willing 2 change for HIMSELF & God.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
Jim, I understand where you are but your not being truthful to yourself. Who is honoring you in this process? No one! Your wife is enjoying the best of both worlds and so is her boyfriend. You are the one who is living in constant agony and brokeness. Your Christian values are probably tieing you to your obligations as a husband. Those same Christian values advise you to honor yourself and accept the truth. Your pain was not self produced but it is now self inflicted and won't stop until you bring it to a close. There is life after a wife. Do you want to continue living this way? If not, give yourself the love you deserve and that act will draw to you the woman for this season in your life.

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