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Many Different Approaches
Shira dear sister I must tell you God didn't take your talent from you if anyone took it ,it was Satan because he was afraid of what you were doing for God. Usually it isn't either but just the sad part of being a biological creature and subject to the diseases of our body. I know a little of how you feel though, my voice isn't what it used to be,because I sang too,not in a ministry but ministering with voice in churches and Christian groups. I was just being obedient to God. God Bless

Is Impatience Lack Of Trust
Impatience is learned and Patience is taught. Children watch what adults do,how they respond to life situations and if the adults have poor life skills and always wanting things done yesterday instead of having sense enough to know all things take time,children learn to copy them. Adults teach Patience in many ways,one that comes to mind is when children are playing with others and there is one particular toy they all like then we teach them "You have to wait your turn" then we get them another toy to play with until their turn making the wait enjoyable. This is repeated in many ways and thereby teaching and giving life skills to children which apply to their future living. God Bless

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