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Jonah Swallowed By Whale Or Fish
Hi Rebecca,There are a number of reasons:1. Some well meaning Sunday school teacher thought it woudl be easier to explain that it was a whale that swallowed Jonah whole, thinking that it was impossible for a fish to do so.Original Hebrew text maybe had no word to describe a whale other than a big fish, no understanding at that time that a fish could actually be a mammal.Whatever the reason, it is immaterial to your salvation, whether or not it was a whale or a fish.

Can We Kill Our Enemies
The war on other countries by the USA is not Christian war or an attempt by Christianity to propagate our message. Nowhere in the bible does it allow us to kill. Christians and Christianity is under attack by Islam - the bible tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities - these are not defeated by us going out and killing - that only allows them to have the victory - we need to get on our knees and do spiritual warfare

Payment Of Tithes A Requirement
Eloy, your argument becomes unsubstantiated by the mere fact that Jesus commenetd on the lowly widow who put all she had in the offering. And then commended her and told us to do like wise. Read and understand what was going on, the temple cleansing came about because those who were selling the pigeons and exchanging money were ripping the poor off, they were profitting off money and sacrifices meant for God, which is why Christ became angry, because the poor were seing teh house of God not as a place of refuge but a place where they would be robbed and ridiculed.

58 Year Old Man Wants 29 Old Girl
Love transcends all ages, it is an act God gives us. I am concerned about the fact that you are divorced. I pray that before committing into a new relationship that you have already followed through with counselling to resolve the hurt of the divorce and rectify whatever issues may have caused that divorce. If you have, as a child of married divorcess with large age difference - Go for it and God bless!

Payment Of Tithes A Requirement
To tithe 10% is an Old Testament teaching, correctly identified in Malachi. However Jesus teaches us in the New testament that all wealth and possesions belong 100% to Him, and by rights we should give all to Him, however as His ways, He allows us to determine to what extent we give, because it is an act of freewill and of obedience combined. Give with a cheerful heart out of the abundance and the lack thereof.

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