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Islam At War With Christians
I believe that the "religions" here are at war with one another. However a spirit filled believer has no business in such nonsense. Religiousness is a sin, relationship Is what matters.
"having a form of godliness but denying the power...

Who Or What Is Satan
Pride is a major problem in the chuch body whole, and there is a lot of it evident in this convo/blog.

Can I Live With My Boyfriend
Did anyone else give you any real answer to your question? Just condemnation me thinks! As a bible believing person what does the spirit say to you about your question? Do you really think that the governments paper makes you legit before god. I have always believed this is a heart issue. Funny just likenyour relationship to the father (Jesus). I do not need a marriage licsence to marry Jesus ( figureatively speaking) lol Commitment based on love not law? Back IN the day a hand shake was as good as law. If u r good buy it before god then ok but if the spirit is all over u. Better think twice.
Paul says all things are permissable but not all are profitable.

Is It OK To Divorce My Husband
Wow quite a judgemental response below. If I remember Jesus always wrestled wtb the self righteous. Wow. To answer your question. Mmmm . Commitment is the issue. When we get to heaven we get asked one question. Did I ( Jesus ) know u ( u )?
If not it is depart from me I never knew u ...
Do u know your husband????? Really know him or does he know u? Has he had an affair on u with his work???? Hmmm. A few things to ponder before just throwing in the towel .

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