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Seashells On Top Mountains
All great questions..but don't you agree, the Christian must suspend our realities, when having faith in God?

For my own personal understanding, could you tell me why you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but don't believe the story of Noah. If it is not true, why do you believe it is written in the bible?

My own personal belief, my only plausible thought about where the flood waters could have gone, is found in the ring of fire. God could have simply opened up a crack in this ring and turned the flood waters into steam. The Grand Canyon was formed, much like Lake Peigneur in Louisiana.

Seashells On Top Mountains
Shells of creatures that died millions of years ago on top of a mountain aren't compatible with a flood that happened less than six thousand years ago either. ---StrongAxe

If not by flood, do you think they got there?

Do you know how much food would have to be stored on the Ark to feed two of every species of animal for a year?---StrongAxe

Do you know how much food it would take to feed 5,000 people? Yet According to (Matthew 14) Jesus fed over 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. If Jesus could feed so many people, with so little, do you think God could have fed the animals in the same manner?

What Is Your Truth
Other denominations have many doctrines I agree with. Some I don't agree with. So not all the rest are lies. Just some are mistaken.---Samuelbb7

An untruth is still a lie. But just so you know, I do not call those who teach such things, Liars. Because they teach them, believing it to be the Truth.

If Folks looked at those who teach false doctrines, as merely ignorant of the Truth, instead of seeing them as Liars, we would probably begin to see each other as one family, and discover the Truth together.

What Is Your Truth
I am a Christian a member of the SDA church because what I read in the bible matches what we teach.---Samuelbb7

To be honest, Doug Batchelor is the only TV preacher I can stand. One day I will have to attend one of your churches, and ask my own questions.

I Dont agree with Saturday sabbath, but outside of that, I cant think of anything you have said, I disagree with. My biggest issue, the issue that keeps me from attending Church, is the salvation teachings which are being taught.

If someone asks, What must I do to be saved, What direction do you give them?

Celebrating Christmas Day
If you think Betrayal, was a sign of their love for God,...well Okay then.

Celebrating Christmas Day
There are people in loving relationships with God, and still fall away. Look at Lucifer and Judas.

What makes you believe Lucifer and Judas loved God, when both of them betrayed God?

Celebrating Christmas Day
I was forced to go to school and even the doctor. Ain't it awful!---Cluny

There is nothing wrong with forcing a child to to church,...IF that church teaches the Truth. A Truth that will lead one into a relationship with God. The Churches I attended, caused me to go astray.

If I had been in a loving relationship with God, like the one I have now, do you think that could have happened?

Look at all the Great men and women of the Bible, those in a relationship with God the Father. Did they go astray? No...and why not? Because they loved God as a child loves a Father.

What Is Your Truth
And the Bible and Holy Spirit tell me you've been listening to an impostor.---Cluny


Celebrating Christmas Day
Thank you, for sharing your story.

That night, when I knelt before God, I prayed...and asked God to forgive me for my sins, and to just show me the way. I believed in God, but I just didnt understand who God was. And to be honest, I really didnt believe anything would happen.

I got up, and noticed Joy had replaced the depression I had felt before the prayer. Though I was ignorant of why it happened, I just wanted that Joy to continue. So I continued in this practice everyday.

I began to feel guilt when I would sin, and for the joy the Lord had placed in my heart, I wanted to please him. Somewhere during this time, I realized I was keeping his commandments of out love. Seven months later,...I was born of God.

Celebrating Christmas Day
I was one of those people who were forced to go to church as children, every Sunday mornings and every Sunday night. My parents were Protestants, and we went to many different denominations.

Notice I said...My parents were Protestants. My attendance was their desire, not mine. So as an unwilling participant, not wanting to learn, I didnt. On my 41st birthday I had a midlife crisis, and tearfully, on my knees, asked God to show me the way. And he did.

Know this.
If you seek God for yourself, you will find the way. If you seek it through man, you will be lost.

What Is Your Truth
I'll bet you think you're a wit, David. You could be half-right at that.

Ahh...words of wisdom from the Mature Christian.

You simply cannot make up doctrine you claim you get privately apart from Scripture.

Where did I say I my doctrine opposed scripture? To reiterate, I said, Mine was not taught to me by man, or through reading the Bible, though everything I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, is in the Bible.

Celebrating Christmas Day
How many times must the Bible say something for it to be true?---Cluny

You need more than one verse to understand its Context. And BTW, I am ignorant of many JW teachings, except what I have learned here on CN.

And you may be right about my ignorance of your Trinity teachings.
So give me your definition, so I can see if I am.

What Is Your Truth
That's how I found the truth.---Cluny

Well then...I will leave that to you and your Priesthood. Jesus is the only Priest I need.

What Is Your Truth
"All the rest are lies" is an oversimplification---Cluny
What do you call the opposite of theTruth? I have always believed it to be a lie.

The real question, David, is what makes you think that YOU have the truth?---Cluny
Mine was not taught to me by man, or through reading the Bible, though everything I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, is in the Bible.

Those who follow false doctrines are taught the Bible by the teachers of that doctrine, and not by Gods Holy Spirit. Now you may believe your teachers are taught by the Holy Spirit, but if that is true, why must they go to school..seminarys, to learn the doctrines they teach?

Celebrating Christmas Day

Jesus saith unto Mary, "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto MY Father, and YOUR Father, and to MY God, and YOUR God."---Steveng

I agree Steven.
But Jesus said, he and the Father are one,(John 10:30),....and for many, that seems to be enough to support the Trinity doctrine.

As I have pointed out in the past, Jesus also said when a man marries, he and his wife also become one, (Matthew 19:5). But for some reason, they dont take that literally. ??

Interpret The Bible
The Lord teaches us how to pray in (Matthew 6: 9-13). In that prayer, the Lord teaches us daily confession of sin before God. But many people reject this teaching, claiming after Jesus died, they dont need to confess their sin before God.

Why do they, or why do you, reject this teaching?

Is The Bible God's Words
What do you think it means, to be Free of sin?

Is The Bible God's Words
you seem to be saying one must achieve sinless perfection before they are saved.---kathr4453

After reading the Lords teaching below, does it appear those who sin, are saved?
(John 8:34-35) Jesus answered them, Verily, verily I say unto you, whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever, but the Son abides for ever.

Is The Bible God's Words
Again this is in the WORD OF GOD, Not some private message the Holy Spirit gives to only certain people in secret and not to others. --kathr4453

I agree, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is available to all who receive him. And that which I have learned from the Holy Spirit, I have always found written in the Bible...,Well at least in most translations.

But someone who reads a Bible, without being guided by the Holy Spirit, will more than likely, end up following one of many false doctrines. But its not for me to point my finger at those who do, but to show them the foolishness, and hope they turn.

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