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Great Falling Away
//insert words not implied by grammar// strongax [5/19/18].

Rubbish. Grammar and context allows for "other" to be used at Col.1:16. At Col.1:15, Christ is identified as "the firstborn of all creation" [ASV]. There were "other" things created apart from Christ.

At Acts 5:29 the King James and NWT insert the word "other" so that it correctly reads: "Then Peter and the other apostles answered". Grammar and context demand the use of 'other' here.

Thus it agrees with grammar and context to say "all other things" at Col.1:16.

Unless of course you are a pagan trinitarian who denies the death of Jesus and say he was God the creator.

Is Christmas Pagan
All you are about is ACID... MonkBrendan.

A claim made by one who wants anyone disagreeing with him to "end up in HELL".

If I were a searcher, I certainly wouldn't find any love from MonkBrendan or his crowd. In fact there are many fleeing from "hellish" churches MonkBrendan belongs to and coming to the truth.

What sort of love is there in a caustic church which says people will burn in "hell". No love or Christianity from MonkBrendan!

And yes, your brand of false Christianity has literally killed people. We only have to go back a few years to find trinitarians slaughtering eachother on the battle field in 2 world wars. You can only serve up death or hell!

Is Christmas Pagan
Grow up... strongax.

I didn't say anything about "irrelevancy". What I do point out is your and MonkBrendans ineptitude in defending your pseudo-Christian paganism and where in scripture do we find 1st century Christians celebrating Jesus' birth on December 25.

You cannot because December 25 is your pagan holy-day and nothing to do with Christ or his birth, but everything to do with pagan Rome and its false god Mithra.

You guys need to man up! You are the biggest hypocrite on this site. You're just as guilty as anyone else serving up ad-hominem attacks.

Is Christmas Pagan
//David + numbers// MonkBrendan.

Numbers are not your strong point? Nothing much else is!

Honestly you and strongax have provided much amusement on this post. I had to laugh when you ended your last post with your pagan "go to hell" rant.

Neither you nor strongax can discuss or deal with the issues raised on this blog. You cannot show where 1st century Christians celebrated Jesus' birth on December 25, neither can you show where pagan Constantine "cooperated" with Christ prior to 313AD.

You are both incompetent and inept. But you both deserve eachother and nothing else.

Is Christmas Pagan
YOU slandered MonkBrendan... strongax.

Strongax over-reacts to everything. Please explain why my "whiskey" comment is slanderous?

//he is no drunkard//- strongax.

I didn't say he was.

MonkBrendan has not been able to show where first century Christians celebrated Jesus' birth on December 25. He cannot because the origins of December 25 are well documented in paganism- not the Bible.

MonkBrendan is also not able to disprove the fact that pagan Constantine made a death-bed "conversion" to his apostate RCC in 337AD. And MonkB. has failed to provide evidence where Constantine "co-operated" with Christ prior to 313AD.

Is Christmas Pagan
//Abijah is NOT mentioned in Luke at all//- strongax.

Strongax has completely lost the plot. Anyone looking at strongax posts will see how inept he is at serious Bible study. Let me read Luke 1:5 slowly so that strongax isn't left behind:

"In the time of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah, his wife Elizabeth was also a descendant of Aaron"- Luke 1:5 (NIV).

Strongax "slander" rantings are pathetic. Why don't you guys man up! You pagan trinitarians get as good as you give.

Is Christmas Pagan
//justify your slanderous comment// strongax.

He hasn't denied it yet. And aren't you playing the hypocrite!

//The Divison of Abijah... what does it have to do with the day Jesus was conceived or born?//

Someone draw strongax a picture... or at least give him a lesson in human biology! Jesus was born 15 months after the "Divison of Abijah" when Gabriel appeared to Zechariah announcing John's conception- Lu.1:5. 6 months later, Gabriel appeared to Mary announcing Jesus' conception- Lu.1:26.

The 2nd round of the "Divison of Abijah" would have been in the Jewish 4th month. Jesus was born 15 months later, during Tishri- late Sept., early October- when shepherds were in the fields.

Is Christmas Pagan
//Dec.25... centuries before the Pagans//- NicoleLacey.

Again no supporting evidence, Biblical or secular to back up this pagan apologist statement other than the false religious assumption of the "Annunciation of Mary" belief. Just because pseudo-Christians use December 25 as their pagan starting point rather than the Bible, it doesn't follow that Jesus was conceived March 25th.

Given that pagan Emperor Constantine was brought up in the Sol Invicta cult, it is not surprising Constantine's new un-Orthodox Catholic cult would adopt the date of his beloved false-god celebration.

Christians never used Dec.25 for any festival and did not follow pagan Constantine into observing the December 25 celebration

Is Christmas Pagan
//March 25th//- Nic.Lacey.

I disagree. The "Division of Abijah" was the 8th of the 24 Priestly divisions decreed by King David- 1Chron.24:1-19.

Abib (or Nisan) was the first month- Ex.34:18.

The 24 priestly divisions began to count in the 7th month, Tishri- it closed not only the sacred cycle, but also the agricultural or working year.

Thus, the first round of 24 courses plus the eight courses of the annual second round (plus the joint-service period of two of the three festivals) would extend into the next Jewish years 4th month. This meant the "Divison of Abijah's" second round fell (on our calendar) in late June or early July.

Jesus was conceived late December, early January.

Is Christmas Pagan
//rather than taking issue with what they say//-strongax.

I am taking issue with MonkBrendan & strongax pagan propaganda!

Neither strongax or MonkB. support their pagan propaganda with solid historical evidence.

Strongax LIE: "Mordecai (named after pagan god Marduk)".

I've asked strongax to provide evidence to support this statement. He cannot because he is lying.

MonkBrendan LIE: "Constantine was not pagan".

All historical evidence clearly shows Roman Emperor Constantine was a pagan. MonkB. wants us to believe pagan Rome would have appointed a Christian as Emperor? MonkB. is high on something and he's certainly not high on the truth.

Is Christmas Pagan
//condemn things based on the names they have//- strongax.

I condemn things based on what they are, not on what they are named.

The December 25 celebration is not a Christian celebration. Neither you nor MonkB. have given any evidence or proof the 1st century Christians celebrated Jesus' birth on December 25 or any other date.

The December 25 celebration is clearly of pagan origin and continues to be so. You are deluded if you think otherwise.

If you believe Dec.25 is such an important date on the Christian calendar, why is it not commanded in the Bible? But of course, you don't follow the Bible. You are a pagan disguised as a Christian! You are a "wolf in sheeps clothing"- Mt.7:15.

Is Christmas Pagan
//Constantine was not pagan//- MonkBrendan.

As stated by none other than the pagan apologist himself- MonkBrendan, who probably gets his information from Christmas crakers, or perhaps the bottom of an empty whiskey bottle!

I'm sure we will hear denials from MonkB that pagan Roman Emperor Constantine [or to give him his proper pagan title Pontifex Maximus] never converted to his apostate brand of Christianity until his death-bed "conversion" in 337AD.

What evidence can MonkB. provide to show Constantine "cooperated" with Christ before 313AD? What does MonkB. even mean by "cooperating"?

Christendom began with pagan Constantine. Papal Rome simply took over from pagan Rome.

Is Christmas Pagan
//condemn things based on the names they have//- strongax.

You still have not given any proof Mordecai is linked to "Marduk". Even if Mordecai, Apollos or Mark had pagan names, it doesn't mean they are pagan.

Easter [Astarte] on the other hand is pagan. It's not the case that a Christian celebration was assigned a pagan name. "Easter" is a pagan fertility festival redefined by pseudo-Christians and used to hijack Christ's resurrection. [again "What sharing does Christ have with Belial [or Astarte?]"- 2Cor.6:15].

The answer of course is "No Sharing!"

Unless of course your name is Strongaxe, aka: "the re-definer of all things pagan"!

Is Christmas Pagan
//no evidence of your claim//- MonkBrendan.

December 25 is not a date set by the Bible. It's a historical fact. The New Catholic Encyclopedia acknowledges [quote]:

"The date of Christs birth is not known. The Gospels indicate neither the day nor the month... the birth of Christ was assigned the date of the winter solstice, because on this day... the pagan devotees of Mithra celebrated the dies natalis Solis Invicti (birthday of the invincible sun). On Dec. 25,274, Aurelian had proclaimed the sun-god principal patron of the empire and dedicated a temple to him in the Campus Martius. Christmas originated at a time when the cult of the sun was particularly strong at Rome". (1967), Vol. III, p. 656.

Is Christmas Pagan
//it [Easter] comes from pesach//- strongax.

Rubbish. You don't get the word Easter from the Hebrew word pe'sach. That is clear evidence of twisting facts to justify your pagan identity. What scholarly source can you quote or cite to prove "Easter" is a derivative of the Hebrew word pe'sach? Justify yourself! Honestly, you spout pagan rubbish.

Easter is derived directly Astarte:

"Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven... on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar"- New Catholic.Encyl.

Perhaps strongax will now demonstrate how from the Hebrew word pe'sach came the word "Easter"?

Is Christmas Pagan
//Neither is the word 'Easter'// Nic.Lacey.

That's because Easter is also a pagan fertility festival erroneously associated with Christ's resurrection. Pagans worshipped their false fertility god "Astarte" and false Christians like strongax who want to "redefine" paganism adopted "Astarte" known today as Easter.

//The first Christmas is mentioned in the Bible as the first Resurrection//

Where does the Bible say this?

//we should remove T from the alphabet//- strongax.

Who said the letter T was associated with Tammuz? I didn't. Google: images for symbols of tammuz. Christendoms cross is derived from images of the symbol of Tammuz, not the letter T.

Is Christmas Pagan
//computers, and the internet, and blogs?// strongax, and

//Every day of the week is named after Pagan gods//- Sambb7.

Again, comparing apples with oranges. These arguments are straw-man. Unlike xmas, computers, internet and days of the week are not specifically used in worship. Whereas, xmas is a religious pagan holiday used by pseudo-Christians to hijack Jesus' birth.

Honestly strongax, is that the best you can do? Your argument is 1st grade school yard reasoning. Why don't you pick up the Bible and read it!

Which part of this scripture do you not understand? "What sharing does Christ have with Belial... Come out from them [pagans] and be separate... Touch no unclean thing."- 2Cor.6:15,17.

Is Christmas Pagan
"You are wrong"... MonkBrendan.

//First, the Ancient Church that had Peter and Paul, etc, was not false at all//

I never said it was. Perhaps you are now going to show me where Peter & Paul celebrated Jesus' birth on Dec.25?

//Second, Emperor Constantine did not make Christianity the state church//

No, he made apostate Christianity [the Catholic-orthodox debacle] the state church.

//Third, Constantine did not bring Pagan things in//

Now this is laughable! Hello...MonkBrendan... sorry to burst your bubble, but Roman Emperor Constantine was pagan! He and his sycophant lap-dog Athanasius brought everything pagan into his RCC.

No... I'm reading the New Catholic Encylopedia.

Is Christmas Pagan
//most who.. celebrate Christians [Christmas?] ARE pagans//- strongax.

Yes there are many pagans masquerading as "pseudo-Christian" who have hijacked Christianity to spout pagan propaganda and push their filthy pagan practices on what is holy- namely Jesus' birth. To link Jesus with the pagan birth date of the false pagan Roman god "Mithra" and the pagan Roman Saturnalia celebration is an abomination and blasphemous!

I'm not assuming the "redefining of any pagan practice" as you arrogantly do. My authority is the Bible. An authority which you ignore.

"What sharing does Christ have with Belial... Come out from them [pagans] and be separate... Touch no unclean thing."- 2Cor.6:15,17.

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