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How Long Been Married
I will be married for 25 years come this coming june. I married when I was 20.I dated my husband for three years before marrying. Our marriage is working because we have God in our lives and know we can't do anything without God. A marriage is something that has to be worked at all times not just here and there. I know God was a big part in bringing my husband and I together when we met. It is great to know God is good all the time.

Christian Fortune Telling
I don't think that christians should read their horoscopes or have the palms read or anything like that. The only one that knows our future is God. I think palm reading is so fake and so is the other stuff that has to do with trying to predict the future of anyone. God as I was saying is the only one that knows our future and what is going to happen with us. I wouldn't rely on anyone but God to predict my future for me.

How Long Was Your Engagement
I dated my husband for three years before getting married. We were dating a year before we got engaged. I got married when I was 20. We have been married for 24 years this pass june.

How Do You Relax
How I relax is to read or do crafting. I also relax by chatting with a friend online. Relaxing to is spending time with my children and talk with them on how their day went in school and stuff. I relax by making life as simple as possible for me and my family.

Thanksgiving In USA
I am very blessed to have a loving God. I am very thankful for god giving me the family that I have and to share my life with. I was thankful today that god has given me the means to show my children that there are children out there worse off and need things more then they do. I am thankful that we have an awesome GOD!!!

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