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Pork Eaters Go To Hell
HI everyone. I just want to comment on the whole idea of eating pork being a sin. Read Hebrews Ch 7-12... HEB 8:13 (by calling this covenant 'new' HE has made the first one obsolete.) Those who choose to live under the LAW(first covenant) Are basically saying that Jesus died for NOTHING. You can NOT earn salvation by WORKS. only by GRACE.

Are Animals In Heaven
In the bible Jesus said that the child will lay down with the lion. Animals will be in heaven. I believe they all will go. Animals dont have free will like we do. They're not capable of sin, therefore do no evil. God created them with a soul, and to keep Adam company. God saved them in the Ark also, and not just the ones that were edible. Therefore he wanted them to survive.

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