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Is Remarriage Adultery
If you are to mean that the Church of God is now taking the position: that a person committs adultery when marrying another person while their first mate is living: Then I agree, this is God's word.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I did not vote for Obama. I am however concerned about our attitude toward our leader and his spending programs. It is very important that we do not have a judgemental attitude toward him. We must obey God. We should pray for him and never speak evil of him. This is the Bible and God's will.

Can A Woman Be A Bishop
There are 4 other synonomous terms with Biship. They are shepherd, pastor, presbyter, and elder. I think if you read the New Testament qualifications for this office you will find that a woman would not qualify, ie: "the husband of one wife" "having your house under subjection" this does not fit a woman like the rest of us needing to be under the man's authority. There are the work and office of phrophet and deaconess... These are fully within the Bible teaching for women..

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
No! A woman can fill the role of phrophet or deaconess

Should I Leave This Church
Yes, there are plenty of Christian Churches to choose from. The problem is that nearly all of them are practicing adultery. This makes it very diffucult. I recommend that you find fellowship with a rare to find church that is not practicing adultery.

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
What do you mean? If you mean that the spirit of meekness, quietness and gentleness takes over, then the answer is yes.

Christian With Unconfessed Sin
Hell: unconfessed and unrepentant sin does not get forgiven.

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