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James Robison Ski House
This truly saddens me.Presumptive,judgemental comments that repel the unsaved seeking truth. What kind of example are we setting? He has made multi-millions on books over 40 yr ministry. He couldve taken the easier route,written books and stay home. What they do is a 24/7 momentous job.I do not agree with all I see on television, but Are we going to condemn brother & sisters in Christ publicly based on gossip?How many people have we led to Christ by our comments? Do we believe that God will NOT say, Well done good and faithful servant due to the size of their home or bank account? Only God knows the heart. Lets support each other as a family of God. Lifting one another in Prayer & Encouragement. We are ONE Body in Christ.

Pastors In Expensive Homes
My husband is a proclaimer of God's Word. I want to say this...The preacher is worthy of his hire!!! and if he is God's child and is preaching the word he should look blessed in every aspect of his life. No! Preachers should not mistreat the church! But the Church should be willing to take care of him, his wife and children. They should not have to want for a thing at all. If they are contributing to their spiritual growth the people should have the type of heart to make sure that they have everything that they need. It is a sad thing when the preacher has to beg for the Church to help them!!!!

Sincerely, Dianna

God Does Not Speak To Me
I know God speak to us when we pray. I know when he answer that pray sometimes that person is not listen to him. God does bad things for a reason, It is to show us that we need to change our ways,and to us things we are not aware of. He want to see how we handle the things that comes our way to show us to walk in the path of righteousness.

Dress Anyway To Church Today
I really wished we as a church would really teach younger women to love their husband and their children. The scripture says we are to teach the women to dress modest. Why do we not follow God's word? We are worried about offending others but I know for a fact that my husband and many other men stumble more when they are at church than at any other time. Hey, that's okay as long as the women feel sexy and attractive and we are all entertained. NOT Godly at all. Are we serving God are people?

Are Christians Becoming Muslims
They (muslim) believe that only God, they believe that Jesus is prophet, they keep thair old testment, as a history, not new testment, as I try to explain if you have Jesus and you not to feel fear or worry about dead, they are very fear as men only go to funeral to witness to burnied family's love one, at night they were fear about dead.

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