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Want To Be A Messianic Jew
I am a Messianic Jew. Synagogue of satan? Please, stop being ignorant. We do what the bible tells us. Yeshua said to obey the commandments of the Torah in Mattithyahu 5:17-19. It is proper Christianity without any pagan nonsense. And whoever said this is wrong-You have to be jewish first. No. Rather, you accept the lifestyle of a Messianic and, being that you are Christian, your major religious beliefs don't change.

Any Honest Christian Girls Around
Hi there all. Take it easy on the suspicion front. You can only presume to know where this guy is coming from. Its not easy these days to find a nice moral girl, which is sad because a nice girl can change the world for a not so nice boy. It is amazing what the right influence in your life can do for you. I need a positive feminine influence in my life too but all things in good time. I whish you all the best, all of you. One day love will set us free.

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