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Husband Likes A Boring Church
Jack2244- Bet a lot of "contemporary Christian music" is way beyond "In the Garden" in the number of I, me and my's!

Speaking In Tongues Prophecing
Mike M--Many things are measurable bio-chemical reactions. Hunger and satiation are measurable bio-chemical reactions. Does that make them not real? So are states such as anxiety and fatigue. Technically, every thing we do and think either produces, or is produced by, "bio-chemical" reactions.I can't prove it, ( and perhaps it can't be measured) but I'm positive that prayer causes such reactions too.

Devil Brought To A High Place
The temple where Satan set Jesus on the "pinnacle", is on the "temple mount". From Mt Herman, I think.. on a clear day.. you might see Jordan. The Golan Heights overlook Lebanon. The Samaritans lived between Jerusalem and Galilee. (I'm not sure what other tribes occupied what areas). To Satan, with limited vision, these could be "kingdoms". IMO Satan knew that Jesus, the Creator, would know all kingdoms of the world whether or not His physical eyes could see them.

Ear Piercing Bible Scriptures
Fred S--I know you were just kidding mima about clip ons. I think pierced earrings date back to umteen B.C. and were worn by men and women both. If you had gold or silver, what better way to keep it with you safely? I'm pretty sure that if the Children of Israel wanted to make an idol, they wouldn't have been stopped by a lack of earrings.

Jesus Walked On Ice
Doesn't it take a thickness of 6 or more inches of ice to support the weight of a person? Any of you who have lived on the Great Lakes would probably know. I do know that it takes prolonged VERY cold weather not "occasional" icing over. In that kind of weather you wouldn't cross the Sea of Galille, which is actually just a very large lake, by boat Wish I could heve been there to see 5 thousand men, women and children in parkas sitting in the snow being fed by Jesus the day before!

A Required National ID
Fortunately, they are not planning anything like use of global positioning in the ID. I think the standarized drivers license is a first step to other invasive tech features though. Once people get used to having their drivers license scanned to obtain information about them, just a few small changes, touted as safety features, would be easier to introduce. So far they just have a computer database to collect, and share, information.

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