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Are You Born A Christian
A child born to an unbeliever is a child. God allows us all to grow up and make a decision to serve and worship Him. A child or infant is not responsible for his salvation until he/she reaches the age of accountability. Children do not choose to come into this world. If we sin God is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all uprightness. We must always understand and know that God is a God of judgment and also a God of Love. He doesnt see things as we do. HE LOVES CHILDREN.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
One thing about God is this; if we allow Him and invite Him and His presence into our homes and our affairs of life, He will help us. Many times we are trying to do things on our own without acknowledging the Lord. God never wants you to stop being a mom. But asked yourself are you the mom that God is pleased with. He is concerned about families being whold. Cling to God-He will help.

Is Punishment Forever
The thing I love about our eternal Father-God, is It was never His will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. It is very important that every man examine himself and strive to enter in at the straight gate. Because once we make our decision not to serve God and our lives are over, we will regret our choices. There is no second chance after death. That is why we Choose Life in GOD.

Supernatural God Experience
God is supernatural. Everyday we hear His voice when we read His word or He speaks in our spirits. We are trained to hear what people speak in the natural, but many times Christians do not understand the supernatural. The things that are not seen are more real than the things seen. We walk by faith and not by site. When God speaks He will always back it up with His WORD. THE WORD OF GOD. One will never have doubt, when abiding in His word.

Why Do Christians Disagree
I believe that the reason that people choose to disagree on things written in the Holy Scriptures is because they dont want to accept God word as truth. When we find people that chose to walk contrary to the Word of God, we must pray for them and never have a critical eye about them. There are things that we have all disagreed with and after God opened our eyes we understood it more clearly. The challenge is; never forget and always pray.

True Meaning Of Christmas
Christmas for many is presence and time of fellowship with family and friends. This is wonderful, because we are so busy during the year so it is good to stop. I believe that if we really are going to invoke the presence of God into our families and homes during this season, we must strive to allow the one who we are celebrating to be born again in our lives and our hearts. I believe that Jesus would want us to have a renewed heart, love and treat each other right rather than a commercial day.

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