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Rise Of The Anti-Christ
According to Rev 13:16-17, there will be a degree of global economic disaster to make everyone desperate for a leader to come forward with "the answer". This man...the antichrist will come upon the scene as one who is silver tongued and loaded with very deceptive wisdom. Buyers and sellers are paralyzed until they are willing to recieve the mark of the beast. I personally feel we are in the beginnings of the stage being prepared for his entrance. It pays to always be ready because the Church will be raptured prior to the antichrist being revealed. I love you all and look for HIS soon call for us to be released from the hold of gravity and meet together in the air..."and so shall we ever be with the Lord"!!!!!

Can A Democrat Be A Christian
Democratic party has a platform which endorses Murder by abortion, and sodomy.
When you disagree with them but yet you vote and support them. You become like Judas one who loved Jesus but betrayed Him.
Judas did not know they wanted to kill Jesus. But for financial gain he turned Jesus in. Judas was deceived. Your support and help to the devil in this one area could be devastating it was for Judas. Don't fool yourself you are helping the devil to kill, steal, and destroy. Do you know the communist party of America thinks this years Democratic nominee is the best chance for socialism in the US? Ask God if it is OK to go against just a little of his word. You vote for that party then you are responsible for putting their ideas in office.

Shame For Long Hair Men
As far as the situation with it being a shame for men to have long hair, Paul spoke on the basis of scripture where it says that we are not to have the appearance of evil. At the time, if you do research, the male prostitutes of the time had long hair and the women had short hair or shaven hair, that's why paul said that for that paticular time. However, the length of hair is not going to get you closer into Heaven, people should have more discussion on their relationship with God the father!

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