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Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
Bruce, Your girlfriend is not making wine. She is making grape juice. Please don't insult our intelligence. Pierre, you are worse. You try and justify something that the word of God never intended. You have no proof. You clearly twist the scriptures for your own argument and that is WRONG! God gave us the ability to make wine to enjoy and God is good! Praise Him!

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
If you think that drinking wine is a sin than you are trapped in your own judgement and you shouldn't. For me it's not, but I rarely drink. Jesus made real wine. I can't see all the fuss over grape juice at a wedding. Things haven't changed in a few thousand years. Read what the bible really says about this, not just what you believe or have been carefully taught by a certain church.
With that said, there are people who definately should never drink because they can't handle it in moderation.

I Don't Understand Catholic Family
i used to get down on all catholics after i left the catholic church, but God showed me this was wrong and very prideful. i left the catholic church a few years ago. There are a lot of catholics that are not christians, but think they are. There are also people that fall under the catholic religion that are Christians. I have proof of this too. We should be careful before we judge all people in the catholic church. We are not God!

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