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Has Anybody Seen God
IamI::You have heard the voice of the Christian which I add we are not devil worshippers,or people with inflated egos propounding HERESY.Please take it elsewhere to those of your ilk.

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
As I have said earlier.We are not called to explain; But Witness the Blessed Trinity 3 persons Distinct & totally independant of one another,equally powerfull, separate identities, but yet the same God.It is a Mystery revealed by GOD,& not for Mans speculation & attempts at understanding .IT is Faith believe it OR NOT

Young Woman Wants Older Man
Brenda ::I don't want to sound like a wet rag but the saying is "fools rush in where angels dare to tread"Its a choice but he is a divorcee.Think 20 years from now you will still be vibrant & he will be 60.His children will always be his .I would take time out to reconsider such an undertaking there is No turning back once the die is cast.

What Is Blasphemy
Lupe::Thanks for the little tid-bit Re the Devil .I keep him at arms length & he knows THAT,& where I am at all times.We have no personal contact although he would like to.There is a sign which Reads NO admission to You D & your cohorts.

Is Mary The Mother Of God
John Peter ::Read all the blogs before entering into this discussion.No one says Mary the mother of God is above Jesus He Jesus created Mary Hope that answers your Q.You are the only one & some others erroneously imply that.

Is Communion Eating And Drinking
Darlene ::Is not the Holy spirit a part of the Holy Trinity? so by denying the existence of Jesus in the holy Viaticum what are you doing -denying all 3 & his ability to convert the Bread & wine into the His Body & blood which HE has asked us to do,& left as a rememberance to the human race for all times,he who eats my body & drinks my blood I live in him & He in me.Satan uses all the tricks to delude humanity. God has given us a gift we either use it Or abuse it,by our works & endeavours.

Moderator - Sounds like Debbie is following the scriptures versus a pagan concept "Luke 22:19 - And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me." Jesus said do this in REMEMBRANCE of me; He didn't state EAT ME.

Catholic Church Traditions
16/1 reply to Regina.Moderator ::The exodus of Protestants From the Catholic Church was due in a large part to the divine right of Kings. Life as a Protestant permitted a large amount of Promiscuity & marriage breakdown ETC.Reply to your comment on16/1 your comment to Regina.PS Catholics who die in the stAte of grace go to heaven Or Purgatory you cannot consign any one to HELL.Even Satan does not have that authority.

Was Jesus's Body From Mary
Alan @ Bruce::Forget egg DNA& the normal Process-This was a HEAVENLY conception BY GOD-a means he used to introduce the living God as Man to this world this is what he promised in Geneses.He chose the introduction of Humility, The king Of kings Lord of Lords born to a simple pure spotless sinless Virgin,yet in a stable fulfilling his Prophesy the heel of Her offspring shall crush your head.2000years later there are many who are uncaring about the REAL facts

Is The Holy Ghost Jesus's Mother
Alan ::I believe the usual way is by a declaration of the then ruling PopeOr one of his successors.some criteria is to be met & if the qualification is right then they are declared& enteredinto the annals of saintdom.Thought you knew this friend.its a procedure which is required to be followed.

Is The Holy Ghost Jesus's Mother
#1Bruce::No- I am not saying that about sin nature that is your contention is clear based on biblical statements by God .Marys origin was declared in Geneses by god she was called WOMAN.Yes she had an Earthly FatherJoachim but her origin was declared in geneses& she came into this world free from the stain of Original sin which all others contracted by the sin nature that you describe progresssion.TBC

Ordained Only For Communion
Mod :There are some who are blind & cant see & yet some who are not blind & dont want to see.One of the great Apostles did not believe that Jesus did not rise from the dead. Today he is known as the Doubting Thomas.Keep an open Mind same as some who are born again, can go a step further if they so desire pray for guidance "He who eats my Body & drinks my Blood I live in Him & He in ME"There are many great saints who are a testimony to this.But Christians do not believe in Saints.WHY?

Moderator - Please open a new blog because that would get too far off the current title. Thanks.

Three Secrets of Mary At Fatima
Darlene:keep an open mind you are quoting Jeremiah From the old testament & using the anology & applying it to happenings in the new testament the christian faith is on going, Growing with Jesus as the head as he said his church is his body; if previous popes refuted the teachings & later PiusXII declared it as dogma we are to go with his teachings as because popes have infalibility when teaching & declaring things on faith & morals.He is christs represantative.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Friends--There are 35 answers to this one question we sound like the Jews in the old testament disagreeing over a law!!The point in fact is rest, worship,&keeping the day Holy.that is the emphasis.Catholics worship on both days--believe it or not.
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