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God Doesn't Answer Me
I am a man of 45 years and something similar happens to me. The more I ask God for a woman, the more she don't comes. Now I use the most of my time for His service. It's something strange for me because I ask a woman and he puts me to preach, I call him back and takes me to evangelize. Today I am totally involved in the work of God seeking His kingdom and decided to wait on Him. I'm getting tired and don't want to fight anymore against His will. Now I only ask Him to help me enjoy His presence so, being single

I Really Hate My Husband
Well darlling is he right now able to do somethings for him self, or everything for him slf and you wnat to leave him I think that you should leave him, and get with me my user name on is Ernea9348, and by the way how old are you, and are you living near West Hialeah, because this is where I liveso if you some one to talk to I am here for you.

Unwed Pregnant Daughter
I for sure belive that her parents should help her out since I bet the father of the baby left her her alone to raise tht child, and by the way how old is the younger woman if she need someone to talk to she can serche for me on here my user name on here is Ernea9348, and she can leave me a message with her cell number, or e-mail addrss on my user name thing.

False Teachers In The Church
I believe there are many false teachers. but the Church cannot be infiltrated, for the church is each one of the real believers. Of course we are one with the Father and the Spirit and the Son. However, Jesus said, 1 Timothy 4:1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

So, we all have to be carefully to check in the scripture everything we hear.

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