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No Baptism Then No Heaven
The thief on the cross lived and died under Old Testament Law which did not require New Testament baptism. Abraham, Moses, Jacob, etc. were not baptized either. But they did not live in the New Testament age. Besides, you cannot prove the thief was not baptized. He knew about Jesus' Kingdom, so obviously he had heard preaching. Jesus and John baptized many. Jesus had the power in His lifetime on earth to forgive sins. But since the Day of Pentecost, baptism has been essential for salvation. Period!

What Is The Spirit Of Anti-Christ
You mean disobedience to God and not keeping His commandments will not condemn the guilty to Hell? The friend of Jesus keeps His commandments. If one is not a friend, you are His enemy. Will an enemy of Christ go to Heaven? Heb. 10:24-27. Skipping worship is deliberate willful sin. Satan works from within by deceiving people into thinking a little disobedience is OK. What Bible are you reading?

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