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Never Go To Church Again
Whoever prayed out loud telling all the things this person done wrong ,better look at themselves first.Like Jesus said"He who has no sin let him cast the first stone"

Does Satan Bless People
Satan can't bless anyone,in fact he is the only one as of now that is destined to hell.
The only thing Satan is looking for is your Soul.Who is the father of Lies & Deception?
Satan is.

How Long Should I Pray
Yes God can heal but sometimes God has other plans for that person.For me I pray for a persons healing and then I thank Him for the healing that is on it's way

Does God Use People Today
YES God still uses people today,and YES He will show you what is to be done or not done.I've seen and heard many miracles.What an Awesome God we serve

Favorite Bible Stories
My favorite verse is John 10:3-5 It keeps me in tune with God's word . My sheep know my voice and not the voice of strangers.

I Have Committed Adultry
In life we hurt many people not that we set out to but it does happen.I would go to The Father in Jesus Name and ask Him to open your Spiritual Eyes & Ears as to what He would want you to do to try and ease their pain.He has the answers we just have to be still after prayer so He can show you

Will A Degree Help My Career
I don't see that it would hurt for a degree online.but I'm sure you must look into it before signing anything. Plus I feel it depends on what your goals are

Sinless At Salvation
As long as we are in the flesh,we will sin,we try not to and when we do we repent for our sins.....God says in His Word HE is the only one that is Sinless. But He knows your heart .....your heart must be in the right place,and yes if we sin He does forgive even as we are asking for forgiveness,He already forgave us,but when we premeditate to sin God does not like it. Salvation is not a game,God says "He hath no pleasure in fools"

What Day Is The Sabbath
Before the Cross it was Saturday,but we must rightly divide the word of God.After the Cross HE became our Sabbath AMEN!!! He is our Sabbath EVERY DAY

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