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Parents That Made Mistakes
I think kids are out of control today not because they're not being spanked but because of sheer laziness on the parents side. Yeah, some parents keep their kids on short leashes, but most want everybody to do it for them. Like making companies put V-Chips in TVs and Ratings on games, cds, and TV shows because most parents are too busy with their own "toys."

Who Is Edgar Cayce
I asked a question no more weird as who is Paul White. I might as well have asked a bunch a parrots, they say the same thing everybody else says too. At least a parrot can be taught new things though.

Pagan Gives Money To Church
Pagan money? haha! I think they should be glad to get the money no matter where it came from as long as they knew it wasnt stolen.

Parents That Made Mistakes
My friend Erik went to Denmark once where spanking is completly banned and he said they were the sweetest kids, and he doesnt even like kids. I lived in FL for 14 years where some kids were spanked, some were not, so some of the kids were okay while some werent. In KY where Im stuck now (HELP!) Everybody (but me,) hits their kids and Ive never seen such wild, disobediant kids. I've always worked in retail and cant help but do these observations. From what Ive seen spanking is just useless and dumb.

Who Is Edgar Cayce
Haha. Thats funny. Actually, as a boy Edgar was walking through the woods and a voice asked him what he wanted to do with his life and he replied "I want to help people." From then on he did. He cured people when no doctors could, let familes know if their loved ones were safe during the war...and he couldve been rich but he lived like a pauper for his entire life. He helped hundreds of people. Try google sometime.

Why Should I Become A Christian
Haha! See what I mean? : )

Why Do Bad Things Happen
There has to be bad along with the good. It's balance. Sometimes when bad things happen most often good comes out of it. I went on vacation last year and I was stuck in a hotel for 2 days with food poisoning. Excatly two days after I got back, a wheel bearing on my car broke. If I hadnt been stuck in the hotel I wouldve been out driving around seeing the sights. Good can come from bad if one just looks for it. Its just the balance of Nature.

Reponse To Cults At Your Door
I heard that Jehovahs Witness fear snakes so I got this dead snake Id found near my road and put it on my front step. The Witness's used to come every Sat. but they stopped after that day. (They came up, saw the snake and left.) Afterwards I did a ritual for the snake and buried him, giving my thanks to him for ridding me of my "pests."

Christians Debate Those In Cults
No, because not only is it REALLY annoying to non-christians, but it serves no purpose other than letting the christian get his belief off his or her chest. Christians trying to convert everybody is one of the most widely made fun of steretypes and the more they try to convert people the further they push "sinners" away. If someones going to be a christian they'll take to that path on their own when and if they're ready.

Parents That Made Mistakes
Not really. I just do the opposite of what my parents did. : ) Like my parents thought the only way to discipline a child was by spanking. Hitting of ANY kind is not allowed in my house. Time-outs are wonderful and I wish the US would follow other countries in banning spanking.

Who is Paula White?
I've heard of her. She's as phony-bolony as Billy Graham.

Your Christian Birthday
Never. As a pagan and witch in training, I'm here as a form of study required by my coven. Im supposed to mingle, voice my opinions and observe without prejudice. (Although sometimes its hard with some of the narrow minded replies!)

Boy Birthday Gifts
Personally, my 12 year old loves anything about soccer and he also loves to read, (which is great in this day and age.) He loves the Harry Potter series espically but also enjoys books on dragons, the little people and magick.

Reactions Of Spirit-Filled Person
I think how that crazy christian lady on Trading Spouses was acting is a pretty good example.: ) You can see her on Youtube under "god warrior." She was yelling and screaming...basically terrifying her kids and ranting how the other family was into "dark-sided stuff." That was a pretty good, if not scary, reaction. She even tore up her money the other family gave her...crazy.

My Boyfriend Is An Atheist
It's not right to "force" anything on anyone, including religon. If he comes to christianity thats fine, but if he becomes jewish, wiccan, or even a baptist that's his choice. Everybody is different and its important that everybody finds a religon that personally suits them. Trying to change your spouse is something all spouses seems to do and is usually a losing battle. If he doesnt go with your religon I wouldnt lose any sleep over it, christianity just isnt for him then.

How Do I Figure Out What I Believe
It's wrong to force anything on someone, including religion. Its like peer pressure. Your parents may hate the fact that you may choose another path, but they're your parents and whatever you decide they'll still love you. You can find out about other religions via the libary and internet. There are SO many religions it may take awhile for one that appeals to you and you may try several out before choosing the one you like but this will help to broaden your mind about relious viewpoints.

Why Should I Become A Christian
You shouldn't. There are too many christians in the world messing things up. They are very narrow minded and only want to believe there is only one religion....theirs. They try to convert everybody. All the miracles the people here talk about can happen whether you believe in Rah, Zeus, Thor, the Universal Mind, Shiva, or no god at all. If you dont see how messed up christians are, just wait to see the responses for this reply and you'll see how fanatic they are.

Ever Sent Out A Prayer Cloth
Yes, all the time. I have a blue one for healng as well as other colors depending on what I need.

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