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Days In Genesis Longer
I wonder if this question seeks to reconcile creation with evolution. Irrefutable evidence for an instantaneious creation does exist, as does evidence for the flood. We, as christians, need to be educated in these things. I love how Dr Carl Baugh on TBN gives such evidence. I also like the OOPARTS website. When I had DISH, the Angel One channel also had a creation show. I would like to know how evolutionists explain ancient people drawing & carving dinosaurs that were supposedly extinct.

Lazy Husband Wants Me Back
Adultery is grounds for divorce in the bible. I believe that wives who take their husbands back after this, are actually condoning & supporting adultery & risk their own lives & health. You are at risk for STD's & AIDS by doing this. Also read: 1Tim 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Why God Has Forsaken Me
I am 43, have been married in my youth, have no kids, have lived alone for well over a decade & find animals are better able to love than people. Chronic pain & health problems had limited my life, activities, & friends in the past. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from & even feel like a freak sometimes myself. People not relating to us can offer useless, critical advice wrongly condemning us & making us feel worse about ourselves & God. I have started to connect with others online here(Hope5979)to make some new friends & realize I now need to more actively seek out others.

Is God Female And Male
Ashley: you are 100% correct...when we study the scriptures and we start with the book of Romans 1:18 We are reminded God's creation is to teach us about God himself and that from the begining of creation we can see God's divine nature from what he created so at the end we will have no excuse...from the begining (genesis) God has let us understand that there is not only Male God but also Female God...if we continue studying the scriptures we can see all the mysteries hidden for those who listen...

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