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Criminalize Christian Beliefs
AXE. Your excuse that there's no need for you to say "me too" has not helped you.
You identify with the Left. You demonize conservatives, whilst defending the Left in spite of its far greater atrocities (such as abortion which you conveniently remain silent on).

You agreed people should oppose the rise of totalitarian bullies, yet you yourself defend the totalitarian Left bullies in spite of their oppressive PC tyranny.

Even your misunderstanding of Matt 25, arguing compassion, is a contradiction as the totalitarian Left have no compassion.
Remember that KGB Communist defector Yuri Bezmanov warned those brainwashed by the Left would reject reality.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. As additional support for the Biblical stance against killing the unborn, see 2 Kings 15:16.

Whilst you may claim that you don't agree with abortion, the fact that you always fail to speak out against such genocide unless you're confronted about, shows that you are ok with ignoring this genocide in your defense of the Left.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Again you twist my words. I said you excuse (genocidal) LEFT.
You identify with the Left. You repeat the allegations from the virtue signalling Left that Conservatives are evil.
Then you defend the hypocritical Left when we expose the far greater evils the Left commits.

Your appeal to scripture about not judging is used out of context (as Lefties always do) in the hope to shut down Christian opposition to Left's evil agendas.

The only righteous government is God's. His kingdom is not of this world.
We are instead debating who is lessor & greater evil of man's flawed governments.

The Left's oppressive PC tyranny reveals who is real totalitarian threat to our freedoms/rights.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Again you show you have no spiritual understanding of scripture.

Matt 25 refers to the spiritually hungry, thirsty, sick, in prison, naked, strangers. Scripture is spiritually discerned (1Cor 2:14). Do a word study and see how these terms are described in the Bible.

As for Exodus 21, again you got it wrong. It speaks of terms UNDER THE LAW. That is an eye for an eye, a life for a life. Hence if an unborn baby dies due to a struggle by fighting adults, then the offender is to be put to death under the law. A LIFE FOR A LIFE.

Are There Christians Here
Loony1. Its likely I've done as much harm in this physical life as many here, like you, have done. But as Christians grow in Christ we change for the better.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
AXE. You excuse the genocidal Left arguing we should let them have their evil way because the RCC also committed atrocities in the past.
No doubt if you were in 1930's Germany you would have criticized any opposition to the rise of Nazism because the RCC also committed atrocities.

The virtue signalling totalitarian Left are the biggest hypocrites. The bigoted Left dominate public discourse via mainstream media, politics, Hollywood, uni, etc, demonizing any who fail to submit to their oppressive PC tyranny.

We live in a supposed free society, thus whoever arises as a totalitarian bully (whether it be the Fascist Left, Islam, or RCC Spanish inquisition) we all should oppose them.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
AXE. What I see from you is what I see from Atheist Leftists. They demonize Christianity, pointing to Crusades era, etc, yet they're offended when the Left (who have no morals) are exposed as far worse as they share the record with Islam as the MOST GENOCIDAL ideology in history.

The fact you ignore is the hypocritical Left demonize all who do not submit to their oppressive PC tyranny, yet they (and Islam) are the blackest pots ever.

We live in a democracy where free speech should not be restrained by the bullying and censorship the Left is so renowned for.

Now that you admit the Left have no morals and have the more evil record, why do you identify with the Left then?

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
AXE. You can stop using the Left's victim card. It's been so over used it's laughable.

Considering all the Leftist allegations that you've used to demonize conservatives & Christians, you're certainly no victim.
You use the same arguments Atheist Lefties use, demonizing Christians, arguing we should have no input in a democracy, especially when it opposes the Left's oppressive PC tyranny.

The totalitarian Left have no moral code, hence why they're world leaders for genocide.

Re Christian atrocities that you Lefties obsess over (whilst you ignore the Left's massive crimes against humanity), the fact is Christians have a moral code to love others, and any who don't are in disobedience.

Are There Christians Here
Loony1. There are various issues scripture does not directly mention. But that doesn't mean they're not covered by the command of Jesus to love others. And love does no harm (such as murder).

Abortion is a crime against humanity, with the Atheist Left throughout the West being at the forefront promoting it.

And the Left have long dehumanized the unborn so as to justify their elimination (much like Hitler dehumanized Jews to justify their elimination).

Sadly abortion has been made into an such an acceptable norm by the Leftist dominated media, Hollywood, politics, etc, that we even see a few Christians here on CN failing to acknowledge this crime against humanity.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
AXE. Give me one NT verse exhorting Christians to not have input in a democracy. BTW, Rome was an occupying force in Jesus' time.

You argue like an Atheist Lefty that evil Christians should not have input on any PC issues like baby murder, LGBT agenda, deviancy indoctrination of children, etc.
That's very convenient considering you're a Lefty.

The totalitarian Left shares world record as most genocidal with totalitarian Islam.
Totalitarian Lefties Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc persecuted, executed, or enslaved, etc.
Apart from the modern Left's current genocide of babies, we see their growing hate, and calls for suppressing, persecuting, and even executing any who will not submit to their oppressive PC tyranny.

Are There Christians Here
Loony1. John 13:34 Jesus commands that we love one another.
And love does no harm to another (Rom 13:10), whether that be ripping babies apart through abortion, poisoning, bashing with a hammer, genocidal totalitarian rule, theft, adultery, false witness, etc.

Love would not endorse politicians advocating for easier abortions.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
AXE. You argue much like an Atheist Lefty, demanding that evil Christians should have no say in our democracies, with the little free speech that remains under the oppressive PC tyranny of the totalitarian Left who dominate mainstream media, Hollywood, universities, politics, etc.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's is a reference to paying taxes to government. It doesn't mean Christians should have no input in a democracy as you suggest.

Interesting to see you always defend the Left's agenda to force their PC beliefs onto others. For example the Left want to sexualize, confuse and brainwash children, and woe to parents, etc who oppose this.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
NICOLE. A transgender teacher at Gresham-Barlow school Oregon got $60,000 payout after alleging being misgendered by colleagues, despite an official investigation stating otherwise.
This transgender bully got their way, so now staff ordered to address transgender or gender non-conforming employees with their chosen pronouns, under threat of discipline or dismissal.

And oppressive PC at NYC Commission on Human Rights who have updated a law to now threaten up to a $250,000 fine against property owners who misgender employees or tenants.

And bill SB219 is in Trump hating Senate in CA that will send people to prison for 1 year for not using a trans persons preferred pronoun at public health/retirement housing.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Yet again you deflect. My question was why do you avoid the Left's violent slaughter of babies in your suggestion that less religious countries are less violent?

Regarding your deflection topic, the states that have been most aggressive in passing anti-abortion laws, like Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma have seen the greatest declines.

Consider policy's like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which changes the conversation & thus public awareness that late term abortions painfully dismembers babies. A better informed public no doubt makes a difference.

The fact remains the totalitarian Left are without doubt the most heartless, genocidal group over the last century. Yet you always cover for them.

Revolutionary Communist Party
KATHR. Every segregation law in the South was passed by DEMs legislature, signed by a DEMs governor, and enforced by DEMs officials. The NAZIs studied these laws and used them to formulate their own legislation. Thus DEMs policies like the Black Codes & Jim Crow laws provided the precedent for Hitlers anti-Semitic laws.

The Nazis performed racial cleansing using the methods of DEMs. They implemented the sterilization championed by Progressives like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.
And the mass executions carried out by Nazis were praised by Leftist eugenicists like Harry Laughlin, whose ideas influenced the DEMs Woodrow Wilson administration.

If Hitler had lived in the US, he would have been a Democrat!

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Australia, U.K, Japan, Sweden and Canada also rate quite high as violent countries considering that their rates of baby murder are around 200 to 600 babies slaughtered each day.

And it's the Left who are renowned for being at the forefront for easier abortions.

I can understand why the heartless Atheist Left choose to ignore this violent slaughter of babies. They don't know God and they have no moral code.

But what I can't understand is that you likewise avoid acknowledging this violent slaughter of babies in allegedly less religious, less violent countries, in your suggestion that less religion somehow means less violence.

Are There Christians Here
AXE. Decades ago Left & Right aligned with Christianity. But political spectrum has shifted DEMS & REPS further Left. BO, Hillary & Trump have courted Christian voters. But I doubt if they even know what the 2 commands of Jesus are.

The posturing & virtue signaling of the Left marks them as biggest hypocrites. Their double standards are seen through their attacks against Conservatives over lessor evils than the Left's greater evils. Consider also their deceitful claims of being the party of compassion.

The Conservatives are merely lessor evil, and not actual representatives of Christianity.

As for violent nations, I think violent murder/abortion of approx 3000 babies per day in USA puts it in higher ranking.

Are There Christians Here
StrongAxe. Just to correct you, the side of politics that most likely wants to kill people are clearly the Left.

Apart from the totalitarian Left's genocidal forefathers Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, we see even today it's the Leftists who are at the forefront pushing for ever easier murder of babies. Seems the murder of approx 3000 babies per day in USA is not enough for the Left.

Sadly, those here defending the Left typically remain silent about the baby slaughter, unless they're confronted.

In Australia we see violent, abusive Leftists calling for the execution of Christians because we oppose LGBT marriage.

And don't forget the global warming Leftists who called for the execution of deniers.

Revolutionary Communist Party
NICOLE. The DEMs were even too racist for Hitler's NAZI party.

When the NAZI's were considering how to determine who is a Jew, considering that some people come from mixed religious heritage, they even looked into the DEMs policy for how to determine who is black, but the NAZI's found the DEMs policy to be too extreme.

The KKK dominated DEMs policy was that just one drop of Negro blood in ones lineage means your black. But this was too extreme for the NAZI's, hence they rejected the DEM's one drop policy.

You're correct that the DEM's are the true racists, as are all Leftist political parties throughout the West.

Revolutionary Communist Party
KATHR. I had to look up what Kingdom Now, etc means as I've never heard such before.
I suggest you stop your frantic PC Left moral outrage tactic, then you might start to actually understand what non Leftists say.

I don't believe you don't entangle yourself with this world's affairs. Your PC Left tirades clearly proves you're a follower of the Left.

By all means Christians are to preach the gospel, however Christians also speak on various topics from the weather, sports, politics, family, and the Bible, etc. Thus when political topics on CN arise, then we talk politics.

In my job I talk on many different topics, and where ever I can I weave the gospel into conversation with my customers.

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