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Political Hate Crimes
AXE. You're drunk on the Left's Koolaid of delusion.

Many academics are neo Marxist Lefties and therefore opposed to critical thinking. Even the academic (and former Marxist activist) David Horowitz has exposed how Leftists who dominate universities oppose critical thinking.

One of my friends is a uni lecturer and she was bullied from uni campus by neo Marxist Leftists because she insisted that critical thinking should be taught, instead of Leftist brainwashing. She successfully sued the uni for their role in allowing this persecution from the bullying Left.

BTW, many middle class, & businesses, leaving DEM's controlled CA are going to the likes of REPs governed Texas, etc, to avoid CA DEMs high taxes and regulations.

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. CA has been losing it's middle class and businesses leaving due to DEMs tax increases, creating a kind of 2 class society of coastal rich progressive elites v's inland working poor. 5.5 businesses per week are leaving CA. The DEMs are ruining CA.

Your racist narrative is "white supremacy" label.
Divisive Left use their racist hate against whites (especially men) as political weapon.

Where's supposed "white supremacy" when Nigerian, Ghanaian, Philipino, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc Americans have higher average wages than whites?
Where is it in black dominated sports?

Do you think Chinese, Arab, etc "supremacy" is a problem in their own countries too?

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. Your racist narrative indicates you've been deceived by the Left. Parroting the racist Left's "white privilege" label only discredits you.

DEM's governed California, with it's Leftist lust for regulations, is seeing an exodus of people and businesses.

Note it's cities under long terms DEMs administration that are suffering the most with poverty, dysfunction, etc. The selfish Left's destructive welfare dependency lure offers a life of poverty & decline in return for a vote for the DEMs welfare teat.

Lowering business taxes and regulations to encourage businesses back from lower tax and lower regulation countries, is a good thing. It brings jobs back and reinvigorates communities damaged by the DEMs.

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. Wake up to reality.
It's the Left who are totalitarians, just like Orwell's Big Brother government.

The Conservative Right = LESS government, which makes them the OPPOSITE of Orwell's Big Brother government.

Hopefully one day you'll be red pilled back to reality and stop believing these Leftist lies to justify your loyalty to the political Left.

BTW, Twitter is nothing like a legally mandated secure email account where sensitive info is passed on. Twitter is open communication to a public following. And Comey did not want to charge Hillary for her crimes in the run up to an election as no doubt that would have caused too much outrage, etc from the DEM's faithful who, as we see, are a "violent mob".

Finish It Here September 2018
SAMUEL. My question about your "hate" was aimed at highlighting your own allegations of hate against me because I disagreed with your political claims.

The allegation of "hate" against Conservatives is very common from the progressive Left. It's one of their labels meant to stop debate.

Maybe you didn't realize this because you're so accustomed to the Left's propaganda narrative through their dominance over the media, Hollywood, etc.

Political Hate Crimes
JERRY. I'm not surprised Hillary so liked Orwell's 1984. But as she is a Socialist, Hillary no doubt admired the authoritarian rule of Orwell's Big Brother government.
I read that Hillary was quite eager to get Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals", even writing to him asking about it's release.

I agree that it's sad to see so called "Christians" adhering to Alinksy's "Community Organizer" and "Mob Rule" philosophies.
The Left's hypocritical selective outrage that progressive "Christians" heartlessly virtue signal over only proves that they're brainwashed followers of the Left.

Finish It Here September 2018
A person who does no works and lives in hate is not saved---SAMUEL.

But as you've demonstrated hate through your politics, are you saying you are not saved?

BTW, you quoted Matt 25 on helping hungry, thirsty, naked, strangers, etc. As these actions result in being welcomed into the kingdom of God, are you also arguing like AXE that JC is not needed for salvation because if you do enough good deeds to the physically needy then that is enough to get you into Heaven?

Or are you willing to open your spiritual ears and eyes (Matt 13:12-15) to understand Christ's parables so that you can discern spiritually (1Cor 2:14) that Matt 25:31-46 refers to preaching the gospel to the spiritually needy lost souls?

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. Considering totalitarian Left dominate megaphones of society, controlling public debate/thought to bully & brainwash people, then obviously it's the Left who are in privileged position (as their swamp is not drained yet) to project their evils, corruption upon others.

But as you're so brainwashed you refuse to see this, just as you refuse to acknowledge DEMs baby genocide, KKK & NAZI links, and Orwellian Big Brother government aims.

FYI, Trump exited Paris climate accord (that's that greedy IPCC group with its flawed temperature data that was recently exposed), and the greedy climate change liar Al Gore is still upset on Trump's stance on climate change. I prefer facts over Left's lies.

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. You're a Leftist so you dont want swamp drained.

You hope your politically motivated selective outrage over specks in eyes of Conservatives is enough of a deflection for you to continue to justify your support for evil Left with it's politically driven baby genocide, terrorism, hate, rapes, corruption, racism, sexism, etc.

It's clear you want totalitarian Left's "utopia" of Orwellian Big Brother Hitler/Stalin like government.

BTW, did you hear of recent findings exposing IPCC's climate change temperature data flaws? And did you hear of recent criticism by Prof Lindzen, a leading climate scientist, exposing the climate scam on it's ignorance of science, and its greed? Of course you didn't.

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. Hillary was conveniently excused by Comey for her crimes as he thought she should not be charged in the run-up to election.
FBI found Hillary broke the law, that she placed highly classified national security information at risk and repeatedly lied to Americans about her illegal conduct.

Clearly it's difficult to get justice when swamp has not yet been drained. But the fact remains Hillary deserved to be locked up.

But we all know REPs rhetoric is far from the violence, hate, deceit from DEMs domestic terrorist groups ANTIFA, BLM, and from the likes of Maxine & Hillary, Fake News media, etc.

We see same in Aust, the violent corrupt Left following in the steps of Orwell's Big Brother tyranny.

Revolutionary Communist Party
The violent Leftist ANTIFA Fascists chanted "DEATH TO AMERICA:, and "NO USA AT ALL" at their protest rally in Washington in August.

The George Soros funded Leftist terrorist groups ANTIFA and BLM are the modern day equivalent to Hitler's NAZI brownshirts of 1930's Germany.

And these hateful violent groups are just a part of the tactics Globalists and Leftists use to push society towards their goal for a one world totalitarian government.

White Men Should Fight
KATHR. if youre not one with Christ then you need to check if youre really in the faith.

AXE. Lefts baby murder platform & their willfull disregard of rapes & crimes when its politically advantageous for them, tends to be universal throughout Western nations. Sadly, you imitate Lefts tactic of ignoring atrocities when its politically advantageous.

Also you ignore fact Lefts propaganda cannot be avoided as they dominate megaphones of society. The Rights views has to be searched for, which explains why you, KATHR, are brainwashed as you only hear Lefts lies.

SAMUEL. JFK praised NAZIs. FDR praised Fascist Mussolini.
BLM = Marxist racist terrorists, furthering DEMS agenda, much like NAZI Brownshirts did for Hitler.

Political Hate Crimes
AXE. When lunatics claiming God told them to be violent get into political power, like Maxine Waters, then it's time such get sacked.
Hillary also promotes hate & violence claiming Left must not be "civil" towards Conservatives.

Totalitarian Left dominate megaphones of society almost as much as Orwell's Big Brother. And they use it to demonize Conservatives. But you conveniently ignore this, and dishonestly portray the bullying Big Brother Left as the victim...LOL. That's quite a delusional Koolaid you're drinking AXE.

SAMUEL. Hate & violence should be punished regardless of the race.
What I oppose is your politically motivated selective outrage & virtue signalling.

Who Loves God
MELODY. Sadly, KATHR is weak at controlling her emotions, hence she gets quite abusive as a result. I've seen this often over the past years.

When I first started on CN, I witnessed KATHR and MARKV were constantly fighting like the proverbial cats and dogs.

I'm afraid that's just the way KATHR is and there's nothing that can be done about it.

When KATHR get's far too abusive I just ignore her for a period of time.

Political Hate Crimes
JERRY. True. "Hate crime" (a 2009 law) is quite Orwellian in that it's used typically by the totalitarian Left to persecute anyone committing the "thought crime" of opposing the Left's PC tyranny.

It's basically one of the totalitarian Left's tools for controlling speech/thought. It's anti free speech.

Interestingly, Orwell's 1984 totalitarian Big Brother government conducted the routine "2 minutes of hate" where society was subjected to propaganda lies (just like the Left's Fake News media, etc do today) to whip up hateful emotions against any thought/speech that is inconsistent with Big Brother government's PC dictates.

White Men Should Fight
KATHR. Your routine hateful rants indicate a volatile temperament.

Sadly, the hate mongering Left's propaganda lies manipulates you through your emotional inclination to overreact & hate.

The fact Left dominate Media, Hollywood, universities, Google, FB, politics, etc means their propaganda lies has greatest reach to control the naive.

KATHR, you need to objectively consider BOTH sides of public debate, instead of letting the dominant narrative manipulate you.

BTW, why do you say there is sin in Christ? There is no sin in Christ (1John 3:5).
Christians ABIDE IN CHRIST (Gal 2:20, Col 3:3) covered by HIS sinlessness, holiness, righteousness, so why then say that we can be charged with sin?

White Men Should Fight
AXE. It's sad you support baby murdering DEMs, but now you repeat Left's lie 90% of sexual assault claims are true.
This claim was concocted from a study saying 2-10% of sexual assaults reported to police were false.

BUT, this study also revealed in over 50% of reported cases it could not be determined if allegations were true or not.

But as you conveniently ignore Clinton's rapes, and also the
up to 1 million rapes of children by Muslim rapists in U.K that were conveniently allowed by LEFTIST politicians, authorities there because they needed Muslim voting blocs to maintain political power, only suggests your concerns are just for Left's power & privilege, rather than rape victims.

White Men Should Fight
SAMUEL. I said the baby murdering DEMs that you, AXE, etc support saw their fellow Leftists the NAZIs & Fascists as good people. Both JFK & FDR praised them.

On Charlottesville, are you saying your Leftist comrades, like violent ANTIFA, BLM terrorists, etc, (modern day NAZI Brownshirts) are good?

Trump referred to NAZI, KKK, ANTIFA, BLM, etc, as the bad people at rally, BUT the good folk from BOTH Right & Left were not from such hateful groups. I would have thought you could work that out yourself, so either you were lying or so blinded by hate that you cant see clearly.

KATHR. You really need to get out of that Leftist echo chamber as your Leftist puppet masters are clearly manipulating you through your hate.

Political Hate Crimes
The likes of the racist DEMS politician Maxine Waters is a good example of a perpetrator of hate crime. And this bitterly hateful Maxine even claims that God is telling her to be like this.

Maxine is so blinded by her hate that she takes things to the lunatic fringe, even calling on her hateful DEMs followers to attack REPs at restaurants, etc (which they obediently do).

Considering the escalating level of hate from the Left, especially from their domestic terrorist groups like ANTIFA, BLM, far Left university students and lecturers, etc, we see Maxines similar maniacal hate as rightly placing her as the face of the DEMS (as Trump appropriately described her).

White Men Should Fight
AXE. You support the Leftist DEMs in spite of their baby genocide platform, the constant lies from the likes of BO, Hillary, Pelosi, etc, the rapes and attacks against women from both Clintons, and the Clintons corrupt cash for political favor fund (The Clinton Foundation) that boasts of charity funding for the likes of Haiti that conveniently doesn't make it to the victims.

You even peddle the lies from the hate mongering Left.

For the above you might be excused as simply having been brainwashed by the evil Left, BUT the fact that you preach the heresy that JC is not needed for salvation for those who are anti-Christ if they happen to do enough good deeds for the needy, for this I wonder about your claim of being a Christian.

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