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We Need A Church
CLUNY. There is no physical context to those scriptures as you hope for. God's word is spiritual, for His spiritual people.
Jesus said as much in Matt 13:13, confirmed in 1Cor 2:12-14 .

If it was physical, then you get false doctrines like the gospel of AXE where physical deeds done for the needy are the basis of one's salvation, even if the doer of these good deeds are like the Muslims who reject that Jesus is the Christ who died for our sin.

Atheists, Muslims, Hindu's, etc also do good deeds for the physically needy, but ultimately they are lost unless they convert and become Christians. Thus its clear physical good deeds are not the determining factor.

Feminist Bake Cakes
NICOLE. Lefties NURSE & AXE will do anything to justify their decision to be Leftists.
The Left are always underhanded when pushing their politics, hence NURSE always deflects, obfuscates to avoid dealing with the Left's baby slaughter platform.

Note how NURSE deflects by repeatedly trying to redirect debate towards what an individual has done, whilst he and AXE cover for their Leftist masters behind easier abortions.

The topic remains that it's the Left who are responsible for high rates of abortion.
Any effective solutions against abortion would include a united Christian vote that would damage the genocidal Left.

NURSE and AXE don't want a united Christian vote against their baby slaughtering Left.

Finish Here 2nd December 2017
CLUNY. Your defense of your Lefty mates here who support the Left in spite of its baby slaughter platform, domestic terrorism, lies, hate, bigotry, racism, etc, only reflects poorly on you.

Feminist Bake Cakes
SAMUEL. Your comming across as quite the racist with your obsession for the racist Lefts deceitful PC talking points.

Please step out of that Leftist bubble, and stop supporting the Left with its racism, hate, genocide, sexism, deviancy and lies, etc. Christians should not support such evil.

We all know no political leader, not even Trump, can offer perfect government, but the corrupt Left/DEMs are obviously far worse than Trump.

NICOLE. Youll find that NURSE will never answer your question without trying to deflect attention away from the Lefts culpability in the genocide of babies.
NURSEs priority is to always deflect attention away from the evils of his side of politics, especially on issues like baby slaughter.

We Need A Church
NURSE. Very good, relevant scripture references you gave.

What do you think of the gospel of AXE, where he claimed that good deeds to the physically needy determines ones salvation, even if the doer of such works denied that Jesus is the Christ who died for sin?

As for James 2:14-26, in the example of feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, do you see this as physical deeds (which, BTW, even Atheists and Muslims, etc , do), or do you see it in spiritual terms (as scripture tells us to, Matt 13:13, 1Cor 2:14), as preaching the gospel to the lost who are the spiritually hungry (lacking Christ our spiritual food, 1Cor 10:3), and spiritually naked lacking the garments of salvation (Isa 61:10)?

Feminist Bake Cakes
NURSE. Yet again you resort to deflection, obfuscation to avoid confronting the baby slaughter from YOUR side of politics.

I saw through your question weeks ago that you were trying to deflect debate.

We here on the Right speak in terms of effective solutions to end abortion, but you instead try to deflect attention away from the genocidal Lefts guilt, by pointing elsewhere.

Your emotional attachment to the Left has grossly distorted your priorities and love, as a supposed Christian.

Feminist Bake Cakes
SAMUEL. The Right don't treat LGBT badly as you falsely allege. Considering Trumps position on LGBT, you should rescind your claim.

Your support for baby killing Left is what gives them confidence to push even further for it.

And considering how the Left hates Christianity, that too indicates how much control they have over you.

AXE. You and NURSE are Leftists, which explains your dishonest defense of his constant deflection and obfuscation in avoiding answering my questions.

I have answered his questions multiple times, whilst you're just being being underhanded in defending his underhanded replies.

BTW, considering how often you avoid answering my questions, it's amusing to see your post.

Feminist Bake Cakes
AXE. If you get out of the Leftist echo chamber then you'll see the many witnesses revealing their experiences with the Fascist thought policing/censorship from the Leftist dominated Goulag and Facebook, etc.

"Computing Forever" on YouTube is one of the many sources that speak out against Goulag's and Fascistbook's censorship, etc.

MONK. Your anger has blinded you. You now even claim that my criticisms of the Left who have deceived you, are somehow criticisms against you.
I suggest you settle down, and perhaps even avoid these debates if you're that easily angered and confused.

Finish Here December 2017
AXE. Considering Jesus spoke in parables so the physical man would not understand (Matt 13:13), why would you then conclude that a physical message is the primary overriding message?

Considering 1Cor 2:14 confirms what Jesus said in Matt 13:13, telling us scripture is spiritually discerned, and that natural man will not understand it, why then reject these clear directions from God?

God is Spiritual and so are Christians. Paul spoke to Christians as spiritual, unless they were babes in Christ unable to take solid spiritual food (1Cor 3:1).

I suggest you move on from false doctrines and/or milk. Start instead to feed on God's spiritual message (solid food) to His spiritual people, the Christians.

Feminist Bake Cakes
NICOLE. Regarding abortion, NURSE is not interested in any real efforts to end it as it would damage his Leftist political team.
NURSE prefers instead to deflect attention from the Left's guilt by pointing elsewhere.

The most effective solutions include Christians presenting a united vote against abortion, which the Leftist DEMs would have to change it's abortion position on if it wants to remain relevant in politics.

Sadly, the Christian vote is divided, with Leftist Christians voting for the baby murdering Left.

Finish Here December 2017
AXE. Your false gospel that salvation is based on some ambiguous level of good deeds to physically needy, even if you deny Jesus is Christ who died for sin, clearly contradicts scripture.

You reject God's claim that scripture is SPIRITUALLY discerned (1Cor 2:14, Matt 13:13).

Matt 10:42 Cup of cold water = good news (gospel). See Prov 25:25.

Matt 5:6 to hunger/thirst for righteousness is to seek Christ wherein our righteousness lies. And JC is our SPIRITUAL food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4).

Matt 7:22 clearly does not refer to spiritual works when these people Jesus rejected disobeyed the will of God (BELIEVING ON JESUS. See John 6:40, 1Thess 4:3) that Jesus referred to in Matt 7:21.

You totally miss the message of JC.

Feminist Bake Cakes
AXE. Google = Goulag, as many have witnessed.
Many have experienced Goulag's censorship, if you bothered to step out of the Leftist echo chamber to see.
Google search results that formerly would reflect the popularity of a site, now only reflect Goulags Leftist preferences.

I started seeing this even some years ago when searching for web sites for historian Keith Windshuttle, who had exposed the lies of the Left's Stolen Generation propaganda.
I could not find his web site through Google. But Google search did offer many Leftist web sites spewing hateful lies & ridicule (much like your reference about Shoebat). After digging further I did eventually find the web site of that historian, no thanks to Leftist Goulag.

Finish Here December 2017
CLUNY. I encourage you to progress from being a babe on milk. Step out of Orthodoxy and get on to solid food. Jesus is the only teacher (Matt 23:8, 1John 2:27), trust in him, instead of mans so called churches.

Feminist Bake Cakes

AXE. I see how you are so deceived. You actually relied on a random, Leftist Google search. I learnt years ago to dig deeper then that to find the truth as Google (also known as Goulag) is renowned for its Leftist search parameters.

And of course you completely ignore the fact your Leftist comrades call for the EXECUTION of climate change deniers, whites, Trump, etc. And we all know about the Lefts genocide of babies.
Hypocrisy and decieit = Leftism.

MONK. You have been deceived by the Christian hating Left, and their Islamofascist mates. Im just trying to wake you up with facts.
Jesus did warn that these evil times would eventuate (Matt 24:22).

We Need A Church
SAMUEL. So are you saying that the thief on cross, or any other person making death bed confession of JC, are not saved because they failed to help a physically needy person?

What do you think of the gospel from AXE that an Atheist or Muslim, etc, who deny that Jesus is Christ who died for sin, are still saved if they did some ambiguous number of good deeds for the needy throughout their life?

NURSE Rob. You are exposed as a liar. See Was Hitler Socialist, post 12/3/17, which was same type answer I gave you about 3 weeks ago. Awaiting your apology, but doubt you will.

Finish Here December 2017
SAMUEL. Why do you always ignore the baby murder platform of DEMs, the rape, etc from DEMs, the NAZI roots of DEMs, and their racism, hate lies and persecution?

Nazism has always been Left, and there was no Big Switch of Dixiecrats. You have been deceived by your Leftist masters.

The now insignificant groups like KKK and neo NAZIs (all from YOUR side of politics), also support nationalism, just as Ghandi, Mandela, Stalin, Churchill, etc did. Why do you imply these examples I listed above are NAZI and KKK?

The reason why Leftists like you make issue about insignificant groups like KKK and NAZIs (that have more in common with Mandela, Obama, etc than with Trump) is because the Lefts Fake News media etc, have deceived you.

Right Versus Left
MONK. You've been in the Leftist bubble too long, hence you too use the Left's "victim card" tactic.

I suggest you debate honestly rather than pulling such stunts. You have the opportunity here on CN to learn how to deal with your anger problems when confronted with facts and arguments that disrupt your world view.

As for the wedding cake issue, justice Kennedy in the ongoing case of those Christian bakers, criticized Colorado's PC Leftist commissioners saying:
"It seems to me that the state in its position here has been neither tolerant nor respectful of Mr. Phillips religious beliefs" .

I suggest you stop supporting the Christian hating Left's PC bigotry and hate.

Finish Here December 2017
MONK. It's disappointing you support AXE that salvation is available to those who deny Jesus is the Christ who died for our sin.
You seem to reject the commands of Jesus (John 3:16, 1John 3:23).

As for Matt 25, scripture is SPIRITUALLY discerned (1Cor 2:14). Jesus said as much when explaining why he spoke in parables (Matt 13:13).

Who are naked?
The LOST, being SPIRITUALLY naked, lacking garments of salvation (Isa 61:10).
Who are hungry, thirsty?
The LOST, lacking Christ our SPIRITUAL food/drink (1Cor 10:3,4).
Who are strangers?
The LOST, being SPIRITUAL strangers from covenants of promise (Eph 2:12,19).

To help SPIRITUALLY needy (the LOST) is to preach gospel to them.

Right Versus Left
MONK. Considering how you always mindlessly repeat what your PC Leftist masters tell you to say, then I'll continue to repeat facts that expose the Leftist lies you choose to believe.

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