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Trump Kim Prayer
NICOLE. True, ridicule is one of the foremost methods of argument Lefties rely upon.

Lefties clearly dislike Facts and rational debate, and when confronted with such, they resort to ridicule, obfuscation, deflection, etc, to avoid it.

Trump Kim Prayer
NICOLE. Lefties are so brainwashed by hate mongering Marxist Left that hate rules them, not reason.

The Left dominate megaphones of society (Hollywood, universities, media, politics, Google, etc), and yet CN's Lefties conveniently fail to see how such control over public debate manipulates them.

The Left's oppressive PC tyranny has persecuted Conservatives for decades, deceitfully abusing them as somehow racists, bigots, phobic, without any foundation, whilst Leftists sell themselves as somehow virtuous..LOL. And when the likes of a Trump arises the Left double down on their hate, lies.

Lefties are narcissists, virtue signalling for whatever cause their Leftist masters command. Their feelings trumps reality.

Trump Kim Prayer
AXE, NURSE, KATHR. Only authoritarian Islamists match the hate, bitterness of the authoritarian Left that you support.

Lefties get upset and double down on their hateful abuse when Conservatives finally stand up against them, exposing their lies with facts.

Axe, Nurse, and especially Kathr, are hateful & bitter due to being so controlled by the hate mongering Lefts propaganda lies.

Funny how Lefties deleted their tweets over news photo of caged child illegals sleeping on floor, separated from their supposed parents, after it was revealed it was from during BOs rule.

Children are often used by illegals to pose as family when theyre not.

The Lefts selective outrage only exposes their hypocrisy and deceit.

Trump Kim Prayer
NURSE. FYI, the Australia First party had a full blood Aboriginal political candidate.

I recall attending one of their meetings years ago and this Aboriginal politician confronted the brainwashed Lefties who were protesting outside the venue screaming out the Left's usual abusive lies about racism.

That Aboriginal politician gave up trying to reason with these abusive Lefties (who even called him "brother" in spite of the fact they accused his party of being racist, LOL) conceding that there's no hope for these brainwashed Lefties.

Sadly, brainwashed Lefties get so rattled when confronted with facts that rather than accepting reality, they refuse to engage with reality. You're just such a case.

Trump Kim Prayer
KATHR. If you bothered to read my posts without all the hate and bitterness you harbor, then you'd see that I never said the Conservatives would save the world.
Instead I said that the Conservatives are the lessor evil compared to the Left.

The Left's Trumpophobia has really driven Leftists into a rabidly delusional state.

Keep Your Children Home
NICOLE. Thanks for that info on Hogg. I also hear that in Hoggs delusional hate he also calls people who wont submit to his bullying f***kers.

AXE. FYI ANTIFI are the Fascists. The Left use Orwellian Doublespeak, using labels that mean the opposite. The Fascist ANTIFA thugs are a Leftist domestic terrorist group.

Other examples of Orwellian Doublespeak are UNHCR, which is run by countries who are amongst worst human rights abusers. Likewise the UNs body for rights of women, which is run by Iran, one of the most misogynistic countries.

Here in Australia our Human Rights organization is a Marxist dominated anti human rights group, attacking free speech and thought to further the racist Lefts divisive identity politics.

Trump Kim Prayer
NURSE. You support the Left with its genocidal baby murder, its deviancy indoctrination of children, LGBT agendas, and corrupt, deceitful, adulterous leaders. You are in no position to attack Nicole on her support of Trump on his effectiveness.

KATHR. At the risk of setting you off on another of your rabidly hateful, delusional rants, I remind you that Ive said often before I see Conservatives (Trump being one of the more effective ones) as lessor evil compared to the genocidal, authoritarian Left.
BTW, my criticism of the Left and its great evils, is not ramming Trump down your throat. I rarely talk of Trump.

But this worlds politics is all just part of bigger picture that leads to Christs prophecy of end times, Matthew 24.

Keep Your Children Home
AXE. NASA has been caught out many times fudging research data to make it fit the man made climate change narrative.

NASA's changing of sea level figures to make it fit the PC narrative is one example. Also NASA's James Hansen was caught out several times for false claims.

Prof Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert (geologist and data computation expert) painstakingly examined and tabulated all NASA GISSs temperature data series, taken from 1153 stations and going back to 1881. His conclusion: that if you look at the raw data, as opposed to NASAs REVISIONS, youll find that since 1940 the planet has been cooling, not warming.

Former NASA scientist Prof Woodcock strongly disagrees with NASA's man made climate change hysteria.

Keep Your Children Home
AXE. That 97% consensus was debunked.
That lie (made famous by BO's tweet of it) was from Australian academic John Cook, who resorted to his bias in word searches on scientific papers to manufacture 97%.

A better survey of climate scientists came from PBL which revealed, AT BEST, maybe 46%.

Considering that PBL's survey was skewed as the scientists surveyed were picked for having published work with phrases "global warming" or "global climate change", and considering that skeptics get sacked, rarely get research grants, and find it harder to get published (hence they're under-represented in the certified pool of publishing climate scientists) then clearly that 46% max figure is over exaggerated.

Keep Your Children Home
NICOLE. True, Lefties typically hide findings of studies that contradict them.

The CDC gun study about lives saved by defensive gun use, the Left's Fake news media were silent about this.

Another example was when Leftist Prof Putnam did an exhaustive study on diversity (multiculturalism, high immigration, etc). He found it harms social capital resulting in distrust in society. Leftist Prof Putnam was so rattled by his findings that he initially withheld them.

Likewise for man made global warming. An Australian Leftist academic did a biased study that misleadingly claimed 97% of scientists supported IPCC claims. But few people heard about PBL's survey that found that only 46% climate scientists agreed with IPCC claims.

Trump Kim Prayer
NICOLE. regarding Communist leaders, recently in Europe the E.U. leader, Jean-Claude Juncker, gave a speech in Trier Germany to celebrate the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, the founder of International Socialism (Communism), which was responsible for over 100million deaths.

The Communist Chinese government even donated a giant bronze statue of Marx to celebrate the exhibition. Also the Communist Vietnamese leader gave a gushing commentary celebrating Marxs birthday.

Understandably many people were unimpressed that totalitarian political leaders would praise the founder of an ideology that resulted in over 100 million deaths.

Keep Your Children Home
AXE. Weve already discussed that CDC claim. It was a 2013 report issued in response to BOs Sandy Hook executive order for research into gun violence. The National Academy of Sciences observed that national surveys indicate guns are used defensively 500,000 to more than 3 million times a year.
Florida state criminologist, Gary Kleck says the MINIMUM number of defensive gun uses a year is 760,000 (roughly 2,082 defensive gun uses a day).

As for Marxist DEMs attack against the constitution, that comes through gradualism, like the gradual boiling of the frog. Thats why Lefties deceitfully argue its only about tightening up on

We saw the same boiling frog methods with LGBT agendas, abortion, etc.

Obama Spygate Scandal
AXE. The big government Left are renowned for their totalitarianism. Leftists from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, until today with the DEMs, European Union, Labor Party, etc, we see big government totalitarianism.

Consider also the FACT that the totalitarian Left also dominate the megaphones of society (Hollywood, media, universities, politics, Google, Facebook, etc), and just as in Orwells 1984, these institutions are controlling public debate/thought to manipulate and subdue the masses they seek to dominate.

The Conservatives and true liberals throughout the West support politicians like Trump, Pauline Hanson, Geert Wilders, LePen, etc because of the very obvious totalitarian threat from Leftists.

Keep Your Children Home
NICOLE. I see Lefties here are focusing on mistakes with guns (not unlike mistakes with cars, hot water, medicine cabinets, etc) in an effort to justify the Marxist Left's attack against the Constitution.

But just as cars, hot water, medicine cabinets, etc also save lives, gun research by CDC revealed up to 3 million lives have been saved by defensive use of guns.

But we all know that the Left's attack on guns is ultimately an attack against the Constitution, being that it was one of the Communist goals the FBI exposed.

Duncan's call to use children as political weapons to further the Marxist Left's political agendas, is the real problem.

Obama Spygate Scandal
NICOLE. True, dictator wanna be's are a big concern, and the authoritarian Left clearly fit that dictator mold, as their predecessors Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc proved.

George Orwell warned of a future with just such authoritarian governments, and many today recognize that the Left fit that Big Brother government in his novel 1984.

Obama Spygate Scandal
JERRY. In all my encounters with progressive Left "Christians" I constantly find they virtue signal about all the fabricated issues that the deceitful Left declares are somehow priorities, BUT, they remain silent about important issues such as the Left's genocide of unborn babies.

Some of these progressive Left Christians even portray Jesus as a red Communist, with the USSR Hammer and Sickle logo, in spite of the fact that both National and International Socialism are renowned for being heartless, genocidal, authoritarian tyrannies.

Clearly the Left's dominance over the megaphones of society has been very effective at brainwashing even some Christians into supporting their evil political agendas.

Obama Spygate Scandal
SAMUEL. I cant really take your concern about what the deceitful Left alleges are lies, seriously, considering that you repeat so many of the deceitful Lefts lies here.

From what I see the Lefts Fake News is addressing Trumps revoking of a BOs social security (vulnerable) persons gun ban. I saw no other gun ban for mentally ill that Trump revoked as you claim, unless you mention it by its title to differentiate it from the SS ban that removed 2nd Amendment and due process rights of vulnerable SS beneficiaries.

I suspect your fake news sources has confused you about BOs Social Security gun ban which targeted the VULNERABLE and people with disabilities (who are not crazy/dangerously mentally ill).

Obama Spygate Scandal
AXE. You're still pushing the Left's Fake News lies. This time you label vulnerable Social Security beneficiaries as "crazy".

Duke psychiatry professor Jeffery Swanson criticized Obama's ban on guns for Social Security beneficiaries (who you maligned as "crazy" people) who required help managing their finances, saying IT TARGETED THE VULNERABLE RATHER THAN THE DANGEROUS.

Why vilify vulnerable people as "crazy"?

No doubt the Left's Fake news has deceived you into making such derogatory statements against the vulnerable.

Trump's overturning of BO's gun ban that violated the Due Process rights of Social Security beneficiaries, was a correct move.

Obama Spygate Scandal
SAMUEL. Please try to be honest. Fascists like the Socialist Hitler used Fake news to deceive, and we see same today from Leftist media.

You argued for the Left's deceitful cover up for the PAKISTANI MUSLIM rape gangs with the use of the label "Asian".
Such deceitful labels are also used in Europe for Muslim rape gangs.

No doubt Asians (Chinese, Japanese, etc) were offended that they were portrayed badly along with the dominant PAKISTANI MUSLIM component of the rape gangs.

I note how you avoided the fact that it took the Left's Fake News media (BBC, etc) years before they presented the rape gang scandal in the news.

I suggest you need to dig much further if you really do love the truth.

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