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Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
Rotary is not a cult, it is a secular civic group which is made up of volunteers - both men & women. In contrast, Freemasons are typically a male only group that requires a belief in a Higher Power and a value of truth etc... I wouldn't call them a cult any more than any other Theological society would be a cult.

I wouldn't cite David Icke as a reliable source on this subject, not because he is dishonest but because he is paranoid and therefore his information is slightly biased to fit with his views.

Women With Long Hair
Ebony, wear your hair however it makes you happy. God admires all creatures as He created them. Your hair doesn't grow long for good reason. Back in the day, the people who were blessed with shorter hair in relatively hotter climates survived better, just as people with longer hair could stand the cold. He made your biology perfect for you.

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