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Did Jesus Go To Hell
Elijah and Enoch was taken up to heaven, but was not allowed into the holy of hollies. They BOTH are sinners just as we are. And in the old testament they was saved just as we are. Those who trust in Christ go to a place prepaired for God people. Just as those who reject Christ goes to a place that seperates them from God and that is hell. No where in Gods Words (KJV) says that the saved saint went to a place called Abrahams bossom. Nor does God Words say that Jesus went to hell. But it does say that Jesus went to paradise. And if you read 2Cor chapter 12 it explains where paradise is. Jesus had no reason to go to hell, His purpose was tlo die and to reconcile Gods people. Because of sin seperated us from Him.

Celebrate Valentine's Day
Should we stand as Christians or blend in with the world. Search "Be nobody's Valentine" find out for yourself. We are to be sperate from the world. We shouldn't sugar coat it. Don't be so ignorant to think Jesus wouldn't have a problem with this. It's a slap in the face to Biblical truths. It's time for Christians to be vocal in our churches and expose this. In Love yes, but in Truth!!!

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